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Why Cloud based OSS/BSS will increase profitability for CSPs A cloud driven BSS model can ensure better engagement with operators, better manageability and deliver a much more focused and flexible business landscape for the operator At a time when communication service providers look for incorporating next generation competencies into their networks, cloud based OSS/BSS holds the big key to move ahead towards the path to greater level of profitability. With the help of cloud driven BSS/OSS, communications service providers can have a lot more freedom towards focusing on their core activities and also enjoy much better economies of scale benefits when compared with on-premise software or traditional billing scenario. It has clear advantages around increased efficiencies, better manageability and above all, helping operator get the best out of their network investments. On account of these clear advantages, today we see a lot of CSPs going in for cloud based model and adopt a number of cloud driven BSS/OSS applications, across the telecom applications map. What Cloud OSS/BSS Delivers? Cloud based BSS model clearly delivers more flexibility to the operator as with cloud in the picture, they are in a better position to deliver, pre-integrated, deployment-ready, incorporate better processes and applications with a flexible and modular approach to design, deployment and operations ensuring quick time-to-market for operator’s end customer benefits. Most importantly, it is cloud based BSS that is ideal to deliver a flexible commercial model to the operator. At a time when operators vie for delivering personalized experiences, a flexible “build-as-you-grow” and “pay-as-you-use” commercial model can enable minimal upfront investment and low operating expenditure for the operator, and hence it can open up new possibilities to minimize the expenditures. In addition to business flexibility, a cloud based BSS can also efficiently deliver business agility with a standardization friendly approach. Today, all the operators look for an IT infrastructure that supports scalability and this is exactly what cloud infrastructure is all about. It can ensure scalable infrastructure for the operator to meet increasing capacity requirements and also ensure an industry standards based approach, shielding the operator from the intertwining complexities of hardware, software, and licenses capacity planning and management for the operator. As the whole telecoms space is fast becoming an environment of constant technological change where operators always need to deliver the best in class experience for their users, they also need to constantly expand their portfolio of offerings in order to remain competitive and evolve their offerings with new partnerships and business models. This is best delivered with the help of a cloud based BSS approach. And with more and more number of service providers looking forward to product innovations and quick launches, hassle-free transactions for their customers, efficient customer service and positive customer feedback, it is cloud driven infrastructure that can drive all this and create more value for the operator on the long run. Keeping the above mentioned attributes in mind, Elitecore is ideally poised to deliver cloud driven business agility with the help of Elitecore Cloud-based BSS Platform. It enables most cost effective and faster time to market approach for Operators. It is an end-to-end pre-integrated cloud based BSS platform as software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables operators to quickly launch per usage/per subscriber services like IT, On-demand games/music, multiscreen video and many more via single hosted convergent platform. It ensures higher efficiency, limitless scale and faster delivery to the end user with a high-quality experience across devices, networks and places in the cloud. It provides extreme data privacy, reliability and multi-tenancy support. For more information please click here

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