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STL Digital BSS portfolio is engineered for innovation at scale and speed, improved monetisation and mobilizing future-relevant customer-centric platforms. Regardless of their stage or maturity on the Digital Transformation journey, superlative experience and digital engagement for customers and partners is sine qua non for CSPs to thrive in the era of Platformification. Telcos need to elevate their engagement with their vendors, partners and customers by harvesting as Cloud-Native, Micro-services, AI and Automation. And it goes far beyond simply improving interactions across touchpoints along their journeys. That is precisely what differentiates STL Digital BSS Platform solutions from other solutions in the market.

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dTelco - Digital Telco is a meta digital mesh that transforms network operators into Life Style Providers - an integrated platform which provides all kinds of digital content, services and new age products bundled into hyper-personalized customer experience. STL dTelco solution optimizes business operations while increasing revenues and reducing the operational cost.

dEnterprise - dEnterprise is an Enterprise Platform Solution for Telcos powered by STL Marketplace. It synergizes the strength of multiple vendors, partners, and customers from different verticals and brings them together on a common platform to cater to the range of innovative use cases of enterprise customers. Amplified by the network effects of the marketplace, it powers Service Providers to exploit XaaS business models to unlock new revenue streams in the new and the next normal.

dEP - Digital Engagement Platform is a next-gen engagement platform that covers wide spectrum of care and commerce needs of both consumer and enterprise segments. dEP helps reduce Customer Churn, improve Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by engaging more customers in a personalized way. It helps operators cover a large surface area of customer engagement right from discovery, acquisition, on-boarding, monetization, 360° view and Self-care.

dBRM - Digital Billing & Revenue Management is the mission-critical, best-of-suite monetization platform combining both retail and partner billing solutions. Whether launching new digital services, on-boarding new lines of business or looking to achieve agile operations with DevOps, dBRM helps CSPs to accelerate on their path to becoming a digital service provider. With fully-modular architecture of dBRM, CSPs have the option to choose only relevant components while taking advantage of containerized eco-system built on cloud best practices.

dPCC - Digital Policy Control & Charging is a cloud-native integrated Policy Control & Charging solution that not only controls subscriber entitlement and network resource allocation but also provides a highly flexible monetization capability through a truly elastic convergent charging engine. dPCC is a multidimensional charging for new age digital services. By running policy and charging from a common framework, operators now have extreme flexibility to create innovative offerings such as on-demand services, promotions, real-time upgrades, service passes in minutes.Read Less..

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OSS or Operations support system basically deals with the technology operations management side of the network. On the other hand, the BSS or Business support system deals with the business operations management side of the network. OSS consists of specialised software and hardware to monitor, analyse, configure and manage all operations activities of a network. This includes Network Configuration and Management, Service Delivery (Inventory, Activation, and Provisioning), Service Assurance, and Fault Management & Customer Management. BSS consists of customer-facing business operations aspects such as billing, service fulfilment, revenue management, customer management, order management, and charging, etc. of a network. This includes Customer Relationship Management and Telecommunications Billing. Usually, OSS and BSS exist as a single entity for most operators helping them control costs, find new revenue streams, and enhance customer experiences.