STL’s recognized by Gartner as Digital Marketplace & BSS vendor for CSP Monetization in the 2021 report

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Gartner has recently identified STL as a key enabler in the’ enhanced partner ecosystem support in digital marketplace. The recently released 2021 report ‘Expand CSPs’ Monetization with 5G, AI, Edge Compute’, also highlights STL as a key ‘BSS vendor offering 5G charging function (CHF) for developing and promoting new pricing levels for monetization’

With this recognition, STL’s proving its track record and expertise is more vital to delivering end-to-end digital enterprise marketplace solutions through Digital Enterprise partner ecosystem and Digital Business Support Solutions (BSS) to enterprise customers.

The uniqueness of STL Enterprise Marketplace offerings is it brings together vendors, partners, and customers to its platform and can offer complex multiparty charging and settlements. Also, the platform serves to offer points systems, that partners can earn points and redeem it to pay towards the usage of Communication Service Providers (CSP) services. STL Enterprise Marketplace solution was also a winner in the recent TM Forum Catalyst Program event where the project on implementing 5G Digital Marketplaces won for the best use of Open Digital Framework (ODF).

STL’s BSS solution, with its 5G charging function, also stands out for developing and promoting new pricing levels for monetization in this Gartner Report for CSP monetization.

With rapid digitization and changing consumer behaviour, and with sinking revenues, CSPs look for better monetization models to address it.  Pricing methods like the quality of service (QoS) based, service-level agreements (SLA) with a set range of low latency, productization like self-serve network slice as a service, and partnership approaches, will open up to create solutions for enterprises as well as services, provided to partners like loyalty management, and in terms of Application Program Interface (API) access.

Monetization will bring in new products and productization like Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a service, Network Security as a Service (NSaaS), digital marketplaces, and foster new partnership approaches in terms of new technology and also the server in the partner ecosystem and act as an enabler in the digital marketplaces. STL is ready with its tailor-made solutions to offer it to enterprises.

It is time that CSPs make a jump into the 5G bandwagon. With vendors like STL having digital marketplaces and BSS solutions ready, it will be easy for CSPs to look ahead in their technology upgrade and, of course, look at leveraging the monetary benefits that come along with it.

Download or read the full Gartner Digital Marketplace report on how CSPs can successfully monetize their investments across product, pricing and partner ecosystem here.

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