STL wins big at the TMForum Catalyst Program for 5G Digital Marketplace

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Catalyst is about bringing around a new change in the way we think and innovate. It serves as fuel for your proof of concept (PoC) projects to pave the way for other commercial products and services launches.

At STL, several of the PoC’s trials underwent and later led to successful product launches.  STL’s Enterprise marketplace is a new platform-based model that opens up multi-side business opportunities.  CSPs can look forward beyond just providing traditional connectivity and offering OTT services as well. 

Recently, STL made a significant breakthrough at the TMForum Digital Transformation World Series, 2021.  As part of the TMForum Catalyst Project, STL won ‘Best Use of Open Digital Framework, (ODF)’ for its 5G Digital Marketplace catalyst project. The other participants in this project alongside STL were Amazon Web Services, Cognizant, ServiceNow, Subex, Colt Technology Services and Verizon.

With the STL marketplace offering, we empowered the project with our ‘Everything Stack’ to capitalize on the rapid evolution of Open API architectures 5G, WiFi6, cloud models platforms and make a permanent shift in end-user behavior.

Overview of the 5G Digital Marketplace Phase II Catalyst Project:

This catalyst project demonstrated that deploying solutions on edge clouds using containerized network functions can radically change the architecture of enterprise network services, enabling them to provide low-latency services faster than before.  STL provided end-end 5G enterprise marketplace solutions for this PoC with its in-house developed Open Digital Architecture (ODA) framework aligned with the TMForum standards-based Open API configuration, mainly focusing on creating monetization opportunities.

Key Use Cases from the Project:

  • Application of driving additional revenues using the Cloud Native Digital Enterprise Marketplace model, with an enhanced customer experience (CX) in a challenging environment under 5G network  slice as a service for smart stadiums
  • Demonstrated implementation of Enterprise 5G product offerings, along with the marketplace for enterprise customers

Read more about the catalyst project here or watch the demo video to know more on this successful pilot project.

STL and TMForum Association:

STL is a crucial member of the TMForum and participates in various catalyst projects along with other key events and programs. TMForum aims to provide communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers to digitally transform them with the help of an open, collaborative environment. Organizations like STL have proven expertise in providing such an environment.

STL Digital Enterprise Marketplace Capabilities:

STL’s dEnterprise solution is a tailor-made end to end Enterprise Marketplace suite which serves as a bridge between CSPs, customers, and partners, making way for greater collaboration.

STL’s Enterprise Marketplace solution demonstrates use cases in the form of:

  • Ability to synergize the strength of multiple vendors, partners, and customers from different verticals and bring them together on a common platform to serve a range of innovative use cases for enterprise customers. 
  • It offers the proper leverage for CSPs to exploit the untapped potential of the Telco enterprise marketplace ecosystem.
  • It powers service providers to exploit XaaS business models and unlock new revenue streams for new and the next normal.
  • ●        The DevOps-based solution ensures seamless product development and automated deployment at the customer end.  It is built under open architecture concepts and brings agility and easy integration, and a broader ecosystem of partners and vendors.

 Reach out to us for a free demo on our Enterprise Marketplace capabilities.

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