STL’s Mahanet Project

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What Mahanet is all about? Why is it so special for the entire country? and STL?

Mahanet is a part of the Digital India program of the Government of India supported by the government of Maharashtra to connect each and every gram panchayat of Maharashtra through an optical fibre cable network and this network will enable all the digital services of the state to reach these citizens. OK, so I mean you know connecting the guess 4000 odd gram panchayats with high-speed broadband you know initiatives like this will help our villages become more connected and more prosperous.

How does STL deliver on such large and complex projects?

Yeah, see you said 4000 village panchayats you said actually 4000 is in one part of Maharashtra that is Vidharbha part. Overall more than 12,000 gram panchayats are getting connected by this program. See what we do through our lead 360 approach is before we hit the field we do detailed planning of the entire canvas and that is where we invest the maximum time and the best technology as well as the inputs that we collect at the time of the survey.

What kind of challenges did you face on the field and how did you overcome them?

Now the challenge is that we anticipated before hitting the ground for this project is one of the huge vast projects in terms of fibre densification in such a small area we are working. Just in the Vidarbha area, 20,000 kilometres of fibre needs to be deployed.

What is the common larger purpose that drives you and your field team and STL?

I think the people who work on this project are the best guys whom we have chosen to deliver the best project. But what is important is having the best people doesn’t always result in successful project delivery I think what you rightly said is getting connected to a purpose is larger purpose is something that actually drives the people.

Talk about some STLers who are making this magic happen on the ground in the Mahanet project?

I think there are lots many of them I think each one of them contributes in their unique way it’s distributed across eight large districts of Maharashtra and is the most difficult challenging terrain the heat of that region during summer is one of the hottest places that we see experience in India. But I think the entire 5000 plus people who have worked on this project.

How will Mahanet connectivity improve lives at the grassroots?

I think I’m sure our lives will change after this COVID-19 crisis the way we work the way we commute the way we interact our entire social interaction almost all the digital services that the government of Maharashtra, as well as the Government of India, has planned to be delivered at their doorsteps.

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