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The world is going hyperscale. Hyperscale networks will create superfast digital highways, fuel digital revolution and connect billions of humans and devices. Hyperscale networks demand massive fiberization. For many years, fiberization in the network value chain has been restricted to backbone networks. As we move to the hyper-connected 5G era, networks will need more and more fibre Read More..

Fibre- roll out projects, especially in India has been slow paced. The fall-outs are evident in the time and cost overruns that plague large scale projects. Industry needs a robust solution that leverages Mechanisation, tool based project tracking and strategic partners to deliver stage wise excellence

STL promises to bring this stage wise excellence in the fibre rollout and deployment by our LEAD 360o solution. It is a first of its kind of orchestration approach for Hyperscale-Fibre deployment through innovation and best of our integration practises. The solution has the capability to deliver scale and coverage for core networks, mobile, home and rural.

STL has vast experience in network design and rollout especially in latest deployment technologies such as video surveys, geo-monitoring, sensors and analytics. Through our LEAD 360o deployment approach we are creating a smarter digital network in rural areas as well by providing various smart applications including e-education, e-health and e-governance. We will continue to leverage our latest fibre deployment technologies to improve everyday living experiences of the citizens. Read Less..

Network Deployment Challenges

Lead 360o is a unified solution which enables seamless, large scale fibre design, rollout and deployment. This solution has the capability to resolve several network deployment challenges :

Multiple approvals
Multiple approvals
Sub-optimal surveys
Sub-optimal surveys
Unskilled manpower
Unskilled manpower
Manual planning and operations
Manual planning and operations

STL LEAD 360o Solution can resolve the network deployment challenges through seamless, large scale fibre design, rollout and deployment. The solution uses a 5 step approach to ensure speedy and efficient fibre deployment practices

Lead 360 Diagram
  • Lean agile approach: Smart collaboration for accelerating project kick-off
  • Everything Survey: Drones, Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) method and 360o photogrammetry to deliver planed surveys
  • Academy Training: 360o training to enhance people’s skills in network deployment
  • Design Led Planning: - Ensures the execution of work takes place as planned on ground
  • 360o robust operations: - Robotics, machine learning and tool-based project tracking to automate manual operations and execution

Application areas for LEAD 360o

Large Scale Design
LEAD 360o can be used in designing all types of network topologies including
Lean Fibre Rollout
Once the network is designed, STL works on planning ground execution work and lays out fibre across:
Operations and Management Services
As the fibre is rolled-out, it becomes necessary to maintain a stringent governance to ensure smooth movement of services. To ensure smooth movement of services STL provides four key services

Customer Case Studies

Key Benefits

Faster Deployment 2X Speed
High Quality 4X Reduction in Fibre Cuts
High Network Uptime 99.9%
Reduction in Opex and Capex Cost 25%

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