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Covid19 – A New Guest in Our Lives

A Guest knocks on the door without prior intimation, so did Covid-19. No one was prepared for this outbreak and the lockdown measures that followed.

Humans don’t know, how to live in a lockdown, we have never done it before. But after a good month and a half, we can now confidently say that we know what is essential and what is discretionary!

The top 3 essentials without which our locked-down lives won’t be possible

  • Food
  • Healthcare,
  • Work

They are completely distinct needs. But if we were to look at the one common thing which is enabling this, it would be –Data Networks.

Competent data networks are need of the hour. With a data networks, around 51% of the world population that is more than 3.8 billion people are connected through the Internet to make this essentials – practical

Let’s see the intricate relationship between the binaries of digital networks and these services

Food and data networks – OLD FRIENDS: We have been glued on to all the food delivery and ecommerce apps (need we name them? – Big Basket, Grofers, Swiggy…..) since quite sometime now. But it is only now, that they have become indispensable. And a discerning user would imagine that the thousands of vendors, riders, kitchens and millions of customers are connected real-time using some millions of simple transactions such as an order update or again – millions of complex ones as real time location updates. We need no more anecdotes of this old friendship between to realise that data networks are literally keeping us well stocked and fed at these times!!

Healthcare Services and data networks – Would be friends: Even before the Covid and the lockdown, we were embracing online healthcare facilities such as an on-call doctor, online medicine delivery, and so on. We can say that healthcare services and data networks were acquaintances till now, but now they need to be the best of friends. And they are trying – We see newer healthcare + technology use cases such as contract tracing, our very own Aarogyasetu app and so on. But we want to see this friendship blossom. The world needs a healthcare system which is supported by the best of networks and technology so that we are able to tackle these situations in future. We are already imagining big leaps like 24X7 wearable technology to check vitals and a technology backbone to provide real time medical care to those in need.

Work from home and data networks – Soul-mates who just found each other – With the lockdown now almost a part of our lives, we all are restricted at homes but work cannot stop. Work from home / virtually is an idea whose time has come. This potential was always there; many companies were sceptical. Now we can so imagine this becoming a new way of life. Infact, many companies have adopted work from policies. Some major giants such as TCS have announced to continue work from home for75% of their total employees for minimum 2 years post-Covid-19. With all this, the demands on the home networks are the first thing that we need to think about. If networks Underperform, so will businesses. Hence data networks need to become competent. We need FTTx to reach millions of homes and this is a disruption that is waiting to happen- as we said WFH and data networks are soul-mates which have just found each other!

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