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STL’s LEAD 360 To Revolutionize Fiber Roll Outs

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STL Tech’s LEAD360 Approach will Revolutionize Fibre Roll Outs.

How often does it happen that incumbents disrupt the very space that they are operating in? Disruption is the by-product of keen understanding and a passion to transform things for the better. Indian optical fiber (optical Fibre) industry is more than 5 decades old and we have seen the rise and rise of fiber optic connectivity (fibre optic connectivity) all these years.

Numerous technological breakthroughs, innovative and cutting-edge cabling solutions continue to dominate the space and drive the demand. But fiber (fibre) infrastructure deployment is one area, where the revolution was waiting to happen. Sterlite Tech, a pioneer in fiber optics (fibre optics), network services, and software, has taken a quantum leap into the age of fiber (fibre) and is trailblazing this journey through its pioneering LEAD 360 approach LEAD 360 is our unique transformative approach towards hyperscale network modernization (modernization). As networks evolve and get #hyperscale and #hyperfiberised, network orchestration becomes the harbinger.

STL tech's LEAD 360 approach.

5 ways STL Tech’s LEAD 360 approach will change the Fiber game:

L – LEAN AGILE APPROVALS – Lean agile approvals approach to focus on technology, first-time-right mapping, and smart collaboration to deliver accelerated project kick-off readiness by circumventing the complex right-of-way approval process.

E-EVERYTHING SURVEY – Several studies have outlined the disruptive effects of rework in complex projects. With an all-encompassing “Everything Survey’ approach, we can deliver ‘planned excellence’ at every step. This is achieved through direct digitization, Utility databases, and Standard operating procedures for utility navigation.

A – ACADEMY TRAINING – People and processes underscore the quality and SLA level performance in all projects. How important is it then to have the best people process matrix? An absolute imperative, we reckon! Academy Training focuses on 360-degree training, next-gen deployment skilling, and mandatory certification to create the best people-process matrix for large projects

D- DESIGN LED PLANNING – In a process that has too many moving parts, what can guarantee unconditional continuity and increased productivity? The answer is Design-led planning, which relentlessly focuses on intelligent network design, professional project management, and granular day and front wise planning to ensure that what we put on paper, is actualized on the ground.  

360 DEGREE ROBUST OPERATIONS – Legacy operations have dominated fiber deployment (fibre deployment) projects for decades. The fallouts of this approach are evident in the time and cost overruns that plague large-scale projects. 360-degree robust operations leverage Mechanisation, Tool based project tracking, and Strategic partners to deliver Stage wise excellence.


What is Fiber Deployment?

When a fiber-optic cable (fibre-optic cable) is deployed from an optical connection node (where the operator’s transmission equipment is installed) to a subscriber’s premises, the term “deployment” is used.

What is FTTx ?

Fiber to the x (FTTx) is a term that refers to a variety of optical fiber delivery topologies that are classified based on where the fiber ends.

Long-distance parts of the network are already using optical fiber, but metal cabling has traditionally been used for the stretches from the telecom facilities to the customer. The last distance is covered in various ways by FTTx deployments.

What is the difference between FTTx vs FTTh?

FTTH stands for fiber-to-the-home and is synonymous with FTTP. Fiber to the X (FTTx) refers to all types of fiber infrastructure, including FTTH, FTTP, FTTC, and FTTN. A fiber optic cable running directly from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a home or business location is something that both have in common.

How does Fiber Network work?

A network of fibre optic cables is used to deliver high-speed data over longer distances. The data travels at the speed of light through the cables. This means you’ll have a better chance of getting faster download speeds and a more stable internet connection.

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