Internet connectivity has now become one of the basic needs of humankind, the internet is a medium for which people have to rely upon for day to day activities. To create ubiquitous internet connectivity, STL is always working to create a robust network infrastructure for Telcos and building a digital world

STL Opticon has capabilities cutting across precision manufacturing, engineering & design and global logistics, and can address various challenges of network creator:

  • Reduce capital cost of asset creation and management
  • Ensure higher monetization of network compared to industry, and reduce cost of risk
  • Compatible with most of network topologies Read More..

STL Opticon is a comprehensive solution, which includes an innovative range of connectivity solutions such as Optical Fiber, Optical & Speciality Cables, and Optical Interconnect products, helps the largest telcos, citizen networks, and enterprise customers meet the growing internet demands of customers

Optical Fiber: - STL is a leader in optical fiber innovation. We are one of the few companies globally to boast fully backward integrated optical fiber manufacturing capabilities. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure superior quality preforms and Optical Fiber

Optical & Specialty Cables: -STL is the one of the leading optical fiber cable companies in the world. Our customized cable solutions including Retractable, Micro Module, Micro cables and ADSS cater to high-bandwidth applications of global Telcos, enterprises, data centers and citizen networks

Optical Interconnect: - STL provides one stop shop solution for connectivity requirements, our interconnect products include Rack mount FMS, wall mount FMS, Patch cords, etc. are perfect for all kinds of OSP and ISP patching and termination requirements. Read Less..