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explaining wifi

Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi is short form for Wireless Fidelity. It is a technology that uses radio waves and creates a wireless network. Computers, printers, IoT devices, mobile phones are connected to the internet by using a router. Most commonly used radio band is the 2.4 gigahertz (120 mm) UHF and 5 gigahertz (60 mm) SHF. These wave bands are relatively high absorption and work best in line-of-sight use.

Demand For High Speed Connectivity

The world today is getting connected at an incredible pace. Demand for seamless in high speed connectivity, both indoors and outdoors is growing exponentially. Increasingly WiFi hotspots are becoming the first choice for network access. Even cities across the globe are set to become smart with ubiquitous WiFi connectivity. Next-generation WiFi technologies like WiFi 6 and 6A Hs 2.0 and open roaming or not only promising improved coverage and user experience but also seamless connectivity on the go.


STL brings you d WiFi, the full stack end to end WiFi revolution for CSP’s. It brings superior experience at lower costs, attract and retain customers explore umpteen monetization opportunities with the WiFi power pack. your infrastructure to enhance coverage, achieve extremely high throughput for highly dense environment transition seamlessly with smart and intelligent selection of networks giving the best connectivity to your customers. with secure access and authentication and inbuilt AI-powered context and location based personalization. d WiFi unlocks the limitless potential of next-gen WiFi technologies to cater to today’s demanding digital world. With d WiFi leverage carrier grade WiFi is an integral part of your larger network services. Improve spectral efficiency and offer bundled plans, gear up and meet the dramatic demand for connectivity with the d WiFi WiFi 6 is here. 5G will converge soon to power a high-speed future. Be ready for the hyper digital world, prepare for the connected future today with our solutions designed for tomorrow .

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