Your home is now smart. How about your WiFi?

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The buzzkill at the party

Scene: That long-awaited house party. Your friends are over. The music is on. You ask your music player to speak to your Bluetooth device to switch to the 80s Pop station.

Thanks to FTTH, all the appliances in your home speak to each other and work together without a hitch.

That’s when you remember you are out of snacks and have to make a trip to the store.

You walk out and immediately lose connectivity. Oh, dang! Now you’ll have to manually switch back to cellular network. You think to yourself, only if I can bring the magic of FTTH wherever I go. Only if.

The connectivity conundrum

FTTH and IoT is all set to make our homes smarter – imagine all our devices and appliances talking to each other and creating an ecosystem of safety and comfort in our homes. But it still begs the question – what about getting the same level of seamless connectivity when you are out and about? We are still manually switching back and forth between WiFi and cellular networks. Then back again to WiFi. The reality is, this is not convenient, yet we continue to endure.

More devices, more problems

With a huge number of devices being connected to cellular networks, the result in choke in bandwidth. But the truth is, large chunks of bandwidth of WiFi networks remain unused. There are also several logistical problems to boot and questions to ponder, for example, what about the ROI on WiFi infrastructure? Currently, to use the available WiFi bandwidth, telcos use a connection manager that drains mobile battery and also requires manual intervention to switch on and scan for networks.

Swiftly switch from WiFi to cellular

Sensing telcos’ need to tap into the potential of WiFi, STL created a solution tailor-made to make the transition between WiFi and cellular smooth, seamless and automatic. dSmartMobility helps customers automatically switch from LTE to WiFi based on signal strength, throughput, jitter and packet-loss without any manual intervention.

Faster speeds, higher customer satisfaction

STL’s solution that takes all the headache away from network management while priming it for seamless offload to WiFi. It improves improve network selection, adds policy control capabilities, enables smart decision making based on analytics. The result, your customers enjoy faster speeds and enhanced voice quality thanks to trusted WiFi hotspots compared to traditional LTE networks.

Say aye to offload

Apart from enabling CSPs to use existing unused WiFi bandwidth, dSmartMobility also provides a platform for Paid Advertising and Partnership Opportunities. The faster speeds will no doubt increase the number of recharges, ultimately creating more revenue. dSmartMobility will also enable CSPs to explore multiple use cases based on Real Time Effective Location-based Offload, Time-based Policy Application, Always Best Connected Wireless Experience etc.

STL dSmartmobility
dSmartMobility – Use Cases

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