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The latest standard in Wi-Fi standard is Wi-Fi 6. It is specially designed for always on connectivity requirements. It provides greater reliability, more coverage and enhanced IoT operations in real-world scenarios. The TWT feature of Wi-Fi 6 ensures optimum usage of IoT device battery. Wi-Fi 6 is built to improve digital experiences. Industries like manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, healthcare all are set to gain from the advent of Wi-Fi 6.

STL Hamsa is a seamless wi-fi 6 solution that ensures your entire digital ecosystem is securely connected all the time. It helps enterprises build wi-fi 6 networks without coverage holes provide instant services and achieve no packet loss during roaming. This allows sectors such as education healthcare manufacturing etc to move towards a fully wireless infrastructure.

Hamsa is a carrier-grade solution for Wi-Fi 6 access point that has outdoor high capacity. It is built on the latest Wi-Fi standards. Customers can enjoy a wide range of exciting and innovative offerings that have high speed and high efficiency even in densely populated environments. This enables service providers to build a network without any gaps in coverage areas. Eliminates packet loss during roaming. STL’s Wi-Fi 6 improves cost-efficiency. Increased spectral efficiency and cutting edge technology sets it apart from available solutions in the market.

Top 5 Features of STL Hamsa

  • In large coverage with 5 and 2.4 G support
  • Increased throughput with 12 antenna
  • Customized antenna design for specific capacity and coverage
  • Operates on both dc and PoE plus plus
  • Legacy compatibility with copper and optical backhaul

Hamsa bringing the world closer together
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Wifi 6 Hamsa

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