What does the future hold for technology businesses?

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Future of technology business

Juhi Hajela and Dr Anand Agarwal talk about new shifts in the technology business. Dr Anand shares his opinion on the future of large technology businesses.

Juhi: The big news on the front of business technology is Reliance Jio attracting an investment of over 10 Billion dollars in just about a month. This is extremely interesting while the one hand they want to use this to bring down the debt while on the other they will be launching innovative digital platforms at scale like JioMart with WhatsApp payments. This is not dissimilar to what Alphabet and Alibaba have done in the past. In this context what do you think is the future for large technology businesses?

Anand: Jio started off as a good connectivity platform. Post that what started playing out was the applications. First and foremost, it was just voice, people connected to people creating a thin layer of internet on it and then you start putting in all the applications on it. What Jio is trying to do right now is what amazon is doing in a major way what Google is doing is behind the platform, you have a full infrastructure, where all this information becomes ubiquitous. All the technology companies are bifurcating this part, so you would have an Amazon e-commerce platform as one and Amazon web services another. Jio platforms as one and Jio towers and Jio fibre and Jio networks as another. Azure is one platform and Microsoft office and 360 and everything else is another. So clearly you see at one end you have large applications, which are B2C applications, behind that, you have a very strong core infrastructure, which is managing, manipulating information and data and that’s what’s becoming the big intellectual property of all technology companies that you own a large infrastructure for data management and you have great applications which are customer facing and which are extremely agile how they move around.

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