How an Indonesian CSP transformed their business with a unified digital platform

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For CSPs, it is no longer a point of debate whether digitalisation is the way forward. It’s become non-negotiable today. Why? To cut costs, innovate and remain competitive in an increasingly saturated and cut-throat industry where the one who moves first and the fastest will win.

Digitalisation of customer journeys can help telcos rise to the challenges and adapt to the demands of the fast-paced technology landscape, amid rising customer demand for better user experience. According to this article from McKinsey, the more digital the customer journey, higher the customer satisfaction. Today’s consumers engage with multiple channels during their customer journey. Great customer journeys call for excellence in every interaction, clear cross-channel pathways, offering a unified view and a seamless customer experience.

But, like most transformations, this is easier said than done. Disjointed systems and data, poorly designed processes stand in the way of delivering a great customer experience. Multi-year, multi-million dollar transformation programs are risky and often do not deliver intended benefits.

That’s where “Platformication” comes in, that’s where dTelco comes in. dTelco is STL’s DevOps-enabled, cloud-native solution for driving Platformication. It integrates systems, data and processes together and helps telcos/CSPs adapt to changing technology landscapes, customer needs and drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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dTelco – Accelerate digitalisation

A wireless network operator based in Indonesia with over 10 million active subscribers suffered from high customer churn, disjointed customer processes, revenue leakages and poor customer satisfaction. The customer needed to digitize their customer systems and an important criteria for selecting an implementation partner was their experience with projects of similar stature – in terms of scale, magnitude and global presence. Continuing our legacy of being a data networks innovator, STL undertook a digital transformation with our flagship solution, dTelco.

STL’s dTelco enabled the customer to break away from siloes and build a single digital platform encompassing Retail and Enterprise BSS, shifting from a people-driven model to a data and analytics model. Having a flexible, cloud- and DevOps-enabled digital platform helped STL to accelerate the delivery of the solution, leading to substantial OpEx savings for the customer.

To succeed in an industry where IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are creating new business opportunities, telcos must choose a business model that will deliver actionable insights that benefit both consumers and companies. In the coming years, customers will demand more from telcos, as they get exposed to digital one-touch experiences in every industry – whether it is entertainment, shopping, eating out, travel or local businesses. Digitalisation will help telcos bridge the gap, offer delightful customer experiences and increase business agility.

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