Use of data science and digital platform for digital transformation

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Digital transformation

Juhi: Talking of digital transformation STL was amongst the first few companies to have a CXO level position of a Chief transformation officer. The transformation officer at STL uses data science and digital platform to accelerate the digital transformation journey. While STL has been very fortunate to have been ahead of the curve, a lot of smaller companies have not been. In this context what do you think is the future of digital transformation for businesses?

Anand: This is extremely extremely important. As I keep saying that don’t do digital for the sake of doing digital or because it is cool to have chief transformation or chief digital office but you cannot anymore do without it because it’s now becoming a clear value proposition for the customer and clear differentiation from the competition. When we started with our journey we started looking at which areas of our customer journey can we transform and that’s why we are calling it a transformation office where digital is a tool and not saying that it is digital transformation. So we are looking at the transformation of processes. Making processes lean and agile. Looking at areas where you can have certain things done with robotic automation. Looking at things that you can do with a very good level of decision support through data analytics. The idea is to create a very high degree of very well-defined customer experience, a very high degree of repeatability, a very high-quality decision support system business intelligence framework put on that leads to that decision support system and that helps the company become very agile and makes the whole control loop extremely fast. You are doing business process re-engineering as you go along you are developing and operating the DevOps framework is applied everywhere. So I see this interface between the software and hardware world between the digital and physical world being clearly the way to go moving way forward

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