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Digital Transformation

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Telecommunication and by extension communication service providers, by far, are one of the most busy sectors with insatiable need to serve superior customer experience. In the backdrop of dwindling revenues, 5G is a good bet to support voracious data consumption and the incremental revenue potential of service providers. For this, service providers need to embrace new business and revenue models as well as a customer-centric digital operating model, leaving behind traditional operating models and silo-ed IT (OSS/BSS) legacy systems; to complete the journey from CSP to DSP. In the growing digital era with proliferation of smart devices, intelligent networks, mobile apps and high speed internet, have revolutionized the entire telecom ecosystem and changed the way we live, work and communicate.

Digital platform

Digital Services are no longer a luxury but has become extended core channel for business transformation. Telco’s that optimizes digital experiences will be well positioned to benefit as it helps to generate sales, save money, improve loyalty, reduce human intervention, automate processes and resolve customer problems quickly.

Digital platform offers customers the flexibility to access Telco’s products and services – anytime over any device from any nook and corner of the world. On the other hand, it offers Telco’s a competitive edge – regardless of whether the end user is a consumer, business, or partner. The platform address the challenges unique to the industry, which are:

  • SELL: Attract more customers and drive data revenues to increase ARPU
  • Manage: Improve customer satisfaction and retain customer loyalty
  • Support: Seamless integration with back-end systems like billing, inventory, crm, order management etc.