Managing data efficiently between LTE and WiFi networks : Our free trial is now live!

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The world is preparing for a future where WFH is going to be more commonplace and reliable high speed connectivity will be the backbone for this. For CSPs offloading traffic from Cellular network to WiFi networks has been the norm for managing data on the networks. But the spikes in usage of OTT apps (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.) as well as other applications running in parallel, such as videoconferencing for instance, has resulted in overloading of broadband, while cellular networks have been witnessing underutilization in pockets. Which means that CSPs now have a scenario that is exactly opposite what they were designed to handle. I wrote about this curious scenario Telcos are facing in some parts of their networks in this blog. It is a herculean task. And CSPs are doing an admirable job.

We knew that our dSmartMobility solution is a capable one for this situation. Correspondingly, taking an advantage of our existing cloud capabilities, we decided to engineer our solution in order to offer a trial version of dSmartMobility that CSPs can access and use instantly.

With our engineering responding immediately on this challenge in true STLer (pronounced as Stellar) style, I am very happy to announce that STL is ready for a full functional version of dSmartMobility that is ready to be tested by operators to experience the seamless offloading of their subscribers to the best available network by removing network congestions. Operators can offer dSmartMobility Client App which their subscribers can download on their Android and iOS devices for a seamless connectivity experience (indoor as well as outdoor). We have also pre-bundled it with two advanced features;

  • An interactive dashboard GUI – Operators can set offload policies and various thresholds without fear of losing customers due to poor customer experience.
  • Edge Analytics – Operators can plan network better by providing detailed insights about data offload, peak hours, top locations, data usage, failure reasons etc.

So, here we are with a ready to use full featured version of dSmartMobility that can be configured and used in a matter of hours. You can experience our free trial for the next 45 days.

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