Globally, over 40 telcos use our innovative Wi-Fi service management platforms for digitization

The smart and intelligent Wi-Fi offload solution that provides always the best connection experience to end users, helps telcos increase Wi-Fi adoption and reduce LTE network congestion

Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award 2019

Read how our Wi-Fi
solution had enabled
Dubai smart city vision
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  • Support 300+
    device models

  • Live

  • Patents

Key Benefits to CSPs

  • Reduce CAPEX/OPEX

  • Increase
    Wi-Fi Adoption

  • Offer Wi-Fi and roaming services

To ensure Availability, Security and Integrity of Networks when it matters

Data networks in the world are under serious stress due to an unprecedented demand spike. Assisting people, governments and enterprises with resilient and sustainable connectivity is need of the hour. In times like these, dSmartMobility is Telcos’ essential solution to cost-effectively managed data between LTE and Wi-Fi networks without impacting user experience.

It empowers Telcos to leverage carrier-grade
Wi-Fi as an integral part of their heterogeneous network services to improve spectral efficiency.

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