The smart and intelligent Wi-Fi offload solution that provides always the best connection experience to end users, helps telcos increase Wi-Fi adoption and reduce LTE network congestion. Enjoy faster data speeds and enhanced voice quality using Trusted WiFi Hotspots compared to traditional LTE networks.

Over 40+ Telcos across the world are using our WiFi innovations for digitization


Improves User Experience & Customer Loyalty

Provides Always Best Connected Network & Faster Speed to Encourage Loyalty

New Monetisation Opportunities

Platform for Paid Advertising, Partnership Opportunities & Increase No. of Recharges with Faster Network Speed Creates More Revenue

Leverage Existing Infra

Use Existing Unused WiFi Bandwidth with LTE Network to Offload Usersmto WiFi, Accommodating More Users and Optimizing Network Capacity

Actionable Meaningful Insights

Provides Insights in categories of Network & Policy, User Mobile Device & Location for Data Monetization, Network Optimization & Enhance User Experience

Cost Efficient

Save Infra Cost by Deploying WiFi Hotspots for WiFi Offloading at much Economical Rates Compared to New LTE Deployments

Improves Coverage Area

Alleviates 4G, 3G and 2G network clogging and augments cellular network capacity by offering reliable WiFi access with improvised coverage

When the whole world is at home staying connected matters even more

Unparalleled solution for unprecedented situations

To ensure availability, security and integrity of networks when it matters

Data networks in the world are under serious stress due to an unprecedented demand spike. Assisting people, governments and enterprises with resilient and sustainable connectivity is need of the hour. In times like these, dSmartMobility is Telcos’ essential solution to cost-effectively managed data between LTE and Wi-Fi networks without impacting user experience. It empowers Telcos to leverage carrier-grade Wi-Fi as an integral part of their heterogeneous network services to improve spectral efficiency.

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