Why Analytical Intelligence Is Going to Be Critical to CSP Success in the Future

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Why Analytical Intelligence is Inevitable for Data-driven Future?
Why Analytical Intelligence is Inevitable for Data-driven Future?

In this data-driven digital world, the changing consumer behavior and increasing digitalization are driving traditional Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to challenges such as new technology implementations, increasing ARPU, demand for personalized end-user experience, digital service providers restricting telcos to mere infrastructure providers, subscriber churn, smart network planning etc.

Velocity, volume & variety

Managing data and implementation of the data-as-a-service products pose challenges for CSPs. With the rising volumes of data, diversified data formats and increasing data processing time, CSPs are challenged with new generation unstructured data making data processing, data management and data storing even more complicated.
The immense amount of data growth poses another challenge – data silos. In a conventional CSP, every department retains its own data and no information is shared with other departments. This increases the cost of storage and management of data, affecting data authenticity and increasing data duplicity due to lack of security and governance.
The huge volume of data gathered by CSPs over the years is kept as a cost incurring resource and not been used in any manner to enhance or streamline business processes and customer experience. This points to the bigger challenges linked to generating meaningful data insights to effectively know the customers well and enhance their user experience.

Challenges bring opportunities

The massive amount of data, when captured in its original form and analysed professionally, provides flexibility to refine data at later stages, move a large amount of data quickly, query the data in unlimited ways, sift through data quickly for smart search, build data-driven applications and achieve all of this with data authenticity.
In addition, data analytics allows CSPs to convert enormous structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into actionable insights enabling them to develop enriched 360 customer profiles, personalised marketing, customer churn predictions, optimise network capacity planning, new plan creations, new cell site suggestions, new product offering potential, sentiment analysis, clickstream analysis, high value customer analysis, cross-sell and upsell business strategies, collaboration strategies and much more.
CSPs that are equipped with next-gen business intelligence solution can able to digitise customer experience, monetise digital world, simplify and harmonise business processes, optimise network operations and adhere to regulatory compliances and are best placed to gain competitive advantage.

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