When we wowed the world in 30 days!

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From FTTH Conference to MWC 2019… From FTTx MANTRA to TruRibbon launch… It all happened in a month…

When we wowed the world in 30 days!

Our continued focus on innovation and investment in strengthening our research capabilities culminated into the launch of disruptive solutions for accelerating digital reinvention. Right from fully-integrated FTTX solution, a fully backward compatible ribbon cable – TruRibbon, to O-RAN Alliance; we made major announcements in three global events.

FTTx MANTRA – A fully-integrated, ready-to-implement FTTx solution

At the FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam, we launched FTTx MANTRA, an end-to-end solution that empowers CSPs to swiftly roll-out FTTx networks at massive scale, near-zero response time, great agility, and at optimised costs. It integrates Sterlite Tech’s unique silicon-to-software capabilities across programmable networks, optical communication products, network design services and roll-outs, and software solutions.

A brainstorming session with customers during a canal cruise

TruRibbon – A fully backward compatible cable built for high-capacity networks

We have launched our TruRibbon at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference (OFC 2019) in San Diego. TruRibbon is a fully backward compatible ribbon cable with superior handling design, offering the high density needed for today’s smarter networks. Optimised for the first-time-right installation, TruRibbon offers unique benefits, bringing tremendous time and cost saving in fibre network roll-outs.

How cool are we? Sterlite Tech team at OFC 2019

O-RAN Alliance – To leverage open-source software for building near real-time controllers for 5G

At MWC 2019 held in Barcelona, we announced our O-RAN Alliance, a global carrier-led consortium that promotes software-based, extensible Radio Access Network (RAN). By enabling programmability right at the core of the network, our Programmable Open Disaggregated Solutions (PODS) empowers CSPs to affordably upgrade, monitor and scale their networks, while enhancing their customers’ experience. In another major announcement, we have launched our Digital Reinvention portfolio to accelerate CSPs’ digital reinvention journey. This next-gen integrated portfolio encompasses best-in-class software and solutions that transform every aspect of CSPs’ business to make digital reinvention simpler and faster.

Networking is Cool Again with our PODS
Networking is Cool Again with our PODS launch at MWC 2019

Technology innovation and deep customer connect are at the core of everything we do. As data requirements continue to explode unabated, we remain focused on solving our customer needs by launching disruptive solutions that transform everyday living.

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