What to expect from Next Gen BSS?

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Nowadays, CIO of an operator is perhaps spending the day reviewing and reverting to mails raising almost same concern. These are a mix of emails from various departments from his company including CRM, Product Management, Marketing, Partners as well as from the management expressing their ‘deep’ concern over the continuously decreasing ARPU. This scenario is common at operators who are still stuck with their legacy BSS systems. Operators are realizing that the existing dominant sources of ARPU like circuit-switched traditional voice, SMS & data have transformed into next generation packet data services. Outdated user interfaces, complex and manual integration challenges, lack of convergence, lengthy workarounds & tedious commands are the key pain areas of legacy BSS systems. With such legacy systems, operators are eventually upsetting the user experiences and the customers are spitting mad at the operators for this. According to a recent article by www.cityam.com[1], ‘Bad Customer Experience is costing mobile-operators £1.6 bn in UK only’. Now that is a hell lot of money to lose against investing into upgrades that can equip customers with next gen services and enhanced experience. In order to retain these customers and prevent declining ARPU, operators need to upgrade with next gen BSS which makes their life easier with faster, leaner and Agile operations, have all the ingredients to create a profitable & personalized Customer Experience and Increased Efficiency to address time to market, network capitalization and operations cost. With next gen BSS systems the operators expect the following: Agility: To lead the market
  • User friendly GUI with Single View for all services subscribed by a subscriber
  • Pre-Integrated BSS Modules for Rapid Service Innovation
  • Flexible Product Catalogue to create and launch innovative offers.
  • Smooth processes to add more and more partners
  • Platform built in compliance with standard process help in reduction in time.
  • Virtualized platform that enables CSP to better plan their network resources and gives greater Agility to meet new changes faster
Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Ability to provide Consistent user experience across Multiple channels for customer engagement like Call Center, Web Portals, PoS, Mobile App, SMS etc
  • Ability to launch Real time Contextual offers for customer delight
  • MSelfCare App for real time Usage control & Visibility
Increased Efficiency to address time to market, Network Capitalization and Operations Cost
  • Efficiently deploy in complex environments with pre-integrated components
  • Automated operations in system greatly increase system efficiency, time to market and reduce manual work load to increase productivity
  • Efficiently converting Network Intelligence into actionable insights  with Real time Data Analytics
Elitecore Next Generation BSS platform helps the CSPs to address these three most crucial pain points with its end-to-end ACE model. The platform is designed to meet the growing telecom landscape, helping the service providers to mature into a true digital Telco. Elitecore Next Generation BSS Platform is a carrier-grade system that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wire line and wireless networks and helps the operator to convert traffic into revenue. Compliant to TM Forum eTOM processes via its standard based API it can interoperate with 3rd party system easily, independent of any technology barriers. The platform supports open standard and innovative technologies for billing and rating of a rich basket of services like Mobile, Broadband, VoIP, Wi-Fi, cable, wireless, wire-line, WiMax, LTE and more. Source:http://www.cityam.com/226040/bad-customer-experience-costing-mobile-operators-16bn  

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