The Mobile Broadband Story

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The ongoing 3G-4G evolution has opened a Pandora’s box of revenue threats for service providers as they struggle to find ways in accommodating the growing data appetite of next-generation smartphone users while trying to monetize the same.
Enjoy this thrilling movie where you put yourself in the operator’s driving seat, trying to out-maneuver the data tornado sweeping across your limited 3G-4G spectrum.
Mind you, it’s going to be an uphill task with subscribers dictating terms in the data eco-system but with over 7.1 billion wireless connected devices and nearly 800 million mobile-enabled netizens by 2015, the stakes are high and the reward is huge!
As you walk half-way in the operator’s shoes trying to close the data-revenue gap, you’ll meet a FRIEND – a friend who helps you accelerate revenues with innovative offerings, manage networks efficiently, grow subscriber-aware in real time and unearth what really happens in the network.

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