STL TruRibbon: Optimizing connectivity for data centers

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Technologies of the future are almost here. Not only we are able to stream Netflix in HD but in Ultra HD, 4K resolution! And that too without any buffering or lag. But all of this consumes a lot of data, and by lot, we mean really lots. As per Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast (2017-2022), annual global IP traffic is slated to increase to 4.8ZB by 2022. That’s 2.5x increase in monthly data consumption from today.

This exponential rise in data generation and evolution of other data hungry applications like artificial intelligence and cloud computing has increased demand for Hyperscale data centres. Because after all, it is the seamless communication between these data centers spread across the globe that makes our application usage experience smooth and lag free.

These highly scalable hyperscale data centers require massive, ultra-high speed connectivity on-premise and across distributed sites. This connectivity can be achieved via extremely high-count optical fibre connections that can provide the speed, latency and agility needed for such massive connectivity.

STL’s TruRibbon is a fully backward-compatible ribbon cable that is designed for speed, latency and agility needed by hyper-capacity networks. This disruptive solution boasts of an innovative design that ensures increased data transmission by packing more fibre in existing duct space.  Today’s ducts are typically 1.5” or 2” wide, making it difficult to deploy high-fiber count cables. With TruRibbon, 2X more fibre can be deployed in existing duct space, eliminating the need for replacing the ducts.

TruRibbon enables easy identification and first-time right furcation, stripping and splicing while installation, reducing deployment time and optimizing costs. This can reduce installation cost by almost 35% when compared to legacy ribbon cables. It is also splice compatible with other industry ribbon designs, such as the traditional flat ribbon or the intermittent ribbon. The 250 micron pitch in TruRibbon® ensures it is compatible for installation with legacy loose tube 12 fiber ribbonized cable as well. Moreover, the TruRibbon can be handled and installed using existing tools and equipment.

Content and service providers today are striving to achieve the best in class service for their customers. They are constantly looking for innovative solutions that can help achieve a future proof network to cater for future demands and satisfy ever increasing consumer needs. STL as a data network solutions company is striving to fulfil these end user’s needs by enabling ISPs, data centre operators and other similar such industries with advanced connectivity solutions.

We are working hard, not just for a better tomorrow, but for a future beyond tomorrow.

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