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Sterlite Tech’s Mobile Medical Unit initiative has so far covered over 2,00,000 patients, and successfully reduced instances of diseases by 34%

Every day a doctor and a nurse get ready for a longer journey on a muddy road. Today it will be a ten-kilometer stretch reaching to a disconnected village through a mobile medical unit which is always ready to come for help.

The nurse is making a final check on medicine stock including Jagali and Rahul’s diabetes and Rangali’s scabies. The doctor is checking the equipment and the driver of the mobile van makes sure the team is ready to go.

The life of people in villages of Silvassa, Dadar and Nagar has changed considerably in the last few years due to medical attention provided by Sterlite Technologies, through mobile health unit.

In India, inaccessibility to proper health care and absence of medical facilities, poorly connected villages and limited mode of transport was a huge problem. Lack of health facilities in villages, awareness and proper information has always been a key contributor in deteriorating the health of innocent villagers. Without good health, the potential for any community to sustain educes drastically.

Through bumpy rides on muddy roads, Sterlite Tech’s Mobile Medical Unit reaches the village.

The Sarpanch as always makes sure that all the people who need the doctor are available and the villagers also make necessary arrangements for the medical checkup.

Sterlite Technologies’ primes focus is to provide quality healthcare to people living in remote areas and financially weaker sections who are deprived of basic healthcare. The MMU ensures that a regular healthcare assistance reaches the people living in the interiors of Maharashtra. Free check-ups and medicines, and regular awareness sessions have educated the tribal of hygiene and the importance of a healthy body. Those in need of advanced medical attention are shifted to the city hospital.

Climate change and change of seasons always bring a crisis in medical attention. Every monsoon brings an increase in cases of malaria. After every climate change, the instances of viral fever rise. The heat and dust cause eye and throat infection. Every winter increases the cases of throat infection and pneumonia. Awareness sessions conducted by Sterlite Tech have helped the villagers to act timely on any health problems. A large emphasis is given on maintaining hygiene in the village and in the households. The teachers are also motivated to speak about the importance of health and hygiene in the classroom.

Each day the Mobile Medical Unit covers 4 villages and operates 26 days in a month. So far, the initiative has covered over 2,00,000 patients and has successfully reduced instances of diseases by 34%.
The villagers have the satisfaction of their health being taken cared by Sterlite Technologies’ Mobile Medical Unit; and the company has the satisfaction that they are doing something tangible for the greater good of the society.

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