SMART Overload Protection – let’s counter REVENUE LOSS

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     As a customer, imagine your call sessions get terminated all too often, would you enjoy the usage experience? This happens due to high network traffic. The internet users are growing exponentially, a 21% growth in the number of new internet users has been seen year-over-year *, in addition to this 42% of the world population have an access to internet raising the average user time to 4hrs a day (Global Web Index). The level of traffic this much users would generate does not need to be mentioned. A survey** from has shown Network Operators losses at around USD 15 Billion/year due to network outages. The most common reason for outages or spikes is due to network congestion or overloading, network failures or failure of some physical components causing the system to reboot; both of which would be solved by Smart Overload Protection. Smart overload protection has become the need of the day with the ever increasing web traffic. Smart Overload Protection is a system of delegating priority based queuing of tasks and reconciliation. It is like traffic control and management of data transfer in an intelligent way based on importance. Overload protection has always worked on 2 principles under the scenario of Overload-
  • When an overload situation is created access to new sessions is denied & only the existing sessions are catered too.
  • When the overload situation gets worse, even the existing sessions are dropped & the system is declared as dead.
Under both these scenarios there is a loss of revenue for the Operator. In today’s competitive Operator scenario, the operators cannot afford to have revenue losses as well as customers switching the network due to dissatisfaction. The operators need to have a system which is capable of handling the overload scenarios. The other difficulty which is faced by network operators is distinguishing the type of traffic, sometimes there can be traffic from a subscriber or from the protocols. In the past there was no way to distinguish between the traffic making the system ignore important Network Messages, which cases the system to be declared dead, making the overload scenario even worse and increasing the revenue leakage. Elitecore has developed a Smart Overload protection solution for its Core Session Management product line. Multiple threads have been developed on which multiple requests can be sent to the system, when all these threads already have requests and new requests are sent then the concept of putting these messages in Queue is introduced & Priority is given to the messages in Queue. The concept of Priority provides delegating importance to Subscriber Messages & Network Messages. Network messages have been given a higher priority solving the issue of keeping the System live even under the scenario of an overload. Subscriber messages have been given a lower priority and when the Overload scenario ends these messages are factored too. Adding new users may still face challenges until additional resources can be pulled in but atleast with the newly developed concepts the existing sessions would not be dropped reducing the loss in revenue from the call drops of existing users. *( **Light Reading (Networking the Communications Industry)

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