‘Smart’ has a new address – Welcome to Kakinada

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Kakinada- A journey from an idyllic coastal town to a Smart City

When you think ‘Smart City’, what comes to your mind?

High-tech, digitally connected, utopic cities – a reality only in technologically advanced countries.

When you think ‘Smart City in India’….? What comes to your mind?

A distant dream!!

In that case, you should visit a small coastal city down south named Kakinada. 

Never heard of it?

It’s in Andhra Pradesh. And it is the utopic reality of what a ‘Smart City’ looks like.

Up until two years back, Kakinada was just a simple, idyllic coastal town of farmers and fishermen, reliant on the Godavari delta for their living. A respite from the humid weather generally consisted of a walk under the breezy green canopies of its 20-acre park or watching a movie in one of many cinema halls it has.

It was only after being chosen to be among the first 20 Indian cities that would be transformed into smart cities, that this town underwent a major digital makeover.

Today, Kakinada’s 3.25 lakh residents proudly flaunt their digital edge with Wi-Fi and app access, digitally monitored citizen safety, smart parking,, access to administrative services, smart lighting, e-challan, CCTV surveillance and many more with STL’s cutting-edge Smart City applications.

So, how ‘smart’ has Kakinada streets become?

STL’s Kakinada Smart City boasts of a state-of-the-art Centralised Command and Control Centre (CCC), 330 Surveillance cameras, 380 Wi-Fi Access points, 320Smart lights, 10 Face recognition systems, 30 Public Address systems, 24 Emergency Calling Box, Disaster management system, 12 Environmental sensors, and other applications. All these elements represent a design-thinking approach to digitally enhance the governance and functioning of the city.

Here is a glimpse of how it impacts the day to day lives of citizens:

Absolute calm in times of catastrophe

Being a coastal town, Kakinada is prone to cyclones. Advanced civic infrastructure Technologies designed and deployed by STL has helped Kakinada administration to maintain order during the recent Phethai and Phani cyclones. The Kakinada Municipal Corporation (KMC) could effectively use environmental monitoring to keep citizens updated through live warning messages on public address system and variable messaging screens across the city.

Intelligent edge on law and order management

Equipped with STL’s end to end safety ecosystem that consists of surveillance cameras, advanced face recognition technology, video analytics and automatic alerts, safety and security has a new definition. The Smart City surveillance has helped the Police Department in detecting crimes, ensuring faster resolution rates, in reducing road accident casualties and traffic violations.,

Bridging the gap between administration and citizens

Most of the times, people do not benefit from government initiatives because they are not aware of them. The KMC officials have started using variable message display system to create awareness regarding their announcements.

Maintaining detailed analysis of city records

Smart solutions incorporated by STL enable automatic analysis of government data to have a detailed tax collection trend and list out tax defaulters. This drastically reduced the need for manual intervention and tampering of data. The same can be applied to various other government records and citizen profiles to create a robust governance model.

Being ecologically smart

Deployment of smart lights has enabled energy conservation. Smart lighting solutions have been deployed with centralised controls to conserve energy and ensure that the city is well lit at all times. Apart from this, STL’s IoT driven waste management ecosystem effectively handles garbage collection and disposal system with 110 smart bins and auto-collection mechanisms to make Kakinada ‘Swachh’.

Intelligent smart city design and seamless execution and operations are creating tangible impact in improving connectivity, mobility, situational awareness and safety. This is what we call –‘transforming everyday living through smarter networks”!

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