Safety First: Achieving a Zero Harm Work Environment with Project Abhay

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In manufacturing, while you continue driving business efficiently through your products, ensuring that your people are safe will in turn ensure your profits keep growing. ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We all have heard it. Hence, being proactive about health and safety measures is a compulsory step every organisation, must take, in order to prevent any disaster or unforeseen situation. Sterlite tech, an organisation with state-of-the-art manufacturing units at 7 locations including China, Brazil, and Italy, is particular about its safety initiatives, paying great attention to employee welfare. One such initiative is Project Abhay. Situated in the city of gates Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Sterlite Tech’s optical fibre facilities are driving this program to reach a ZERO harm work environment. In conjunction with DuPont, world leader in safety culture, Sterlite Tech has launched project Abhay taking the overall company’s culture to new heights.

"Safety and Reliability"

Abhay – Safety Culture Transformation

For a manufacturing entity, in its journey of exponential growth, it becomes increasingly important to create a workspace that meets world-class safety standards. And at Sterlite Tech safety is a MUST. The idea is to cultivate a mind-set of systematic safety and reliability that will ensure the well-being of every employee and all associates and partners who work with Sterlite Tech. Project Abhay (meaning ‘Bravery’), the name suggested by employees, is this engagement with DuPont, for Safety Culture Transformation.

The reason Abhay came into being

Over the last decade Sterlite Tech’s manufacturing and business operations have grown multi folds. The OF capacity is on the road to expansion from 30 mn fkm to 50 mn fkm. However, with such a scale of expansion, the chances of risk and hazard too tend to increase. Acknowledging this, the leadership paid closer attention to strengthening the safety culture and introduced this initiative. While manufacturing and growth continue to scale up, the ZERO harm goal becomes more and more solid. The goal incorporates human injury, environmental impact or property damage.

Key highlights of Abhay

An initiative enabling a secure work environment, Abhay incorporates the following key features:

  • Identification and mitigation of key risks around daily activities to yield tangible safety performance improvement by reducing intolerable risk exposures
  • Enhancement of safety leadership capability to drive effective safety management system implementation and promote a “Safety Culture” in Sterlite Tech Operations.
  • Increase of risk awareness and development of adequate competencies from Senior Management down to shop floor to ensure effective discipline and implementation
  • Accomplishment of long term sustainability of results by strengthening the safety culture across the organization

Abhay so far….

As this initiative gains momentum, peoples’ perception of the need for safety sees more seriousness. Safety is no longer a choice. With this in mind, employees at the plants are getting trained on specific basic tools & standards. At the greenfield facility, DuPont recommendations raised out of through PSSR, PHA & HAZOP, too have started seeing implementation. At the running plants, several employees completed their standard training. PIC (Plant Implementation Committee) & Standard Sub-Committees have begun operations in their respective areas. Certain new STERLITE TECH safety standards too are in the process of establishment, per DuPont requirements.

Employees on Abhay

Employee participation in Abhay has been terrific. People are looking at safety as their own responsibility and are willing to take appropriate action. This is, a significant step as far as culture transformation at Sterlite Tech is concerned. With complete confidence in DuPont’s methodology, the folks at Sterlite Tech are advancing with a fresh vision towards a safer and more secure work environment. In addition, considering environmental aspects as one of the HRAs (High Risk Activities), Sterlite Tech will evaluate barrier health management to avoid any environmental emission.

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