Retail Wi-Fi – The Leading edge for In-store Customer Engagement

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Retail Wi-Fi – The Leading edge for In-store Customer Engagement Today’s consumers are increasingly getting smarter, aware and better informed. Technology aids them in their quest of information. They are actively experimenting with technology to gain information on their smartphones, laptops and other personal smart devices. To connect to these devices ubiquitous data accessibility, consumers are increasingly relying on smart networks like Wi-Fi which is anytime everywhere available. Wi-Fi is almost getting omnipresent and it is available ubiquitously, whether it is office, home environment or inside a shopping mall or a coffee house. The National Retail Federation expects that in 2015, shoppers worldwide will use their mobile phones to purchase $120 billion in goods and services. Today, in-store shoppers are increasingly using Wi-Fi access to get online, search for their favorite products, opt for promotional offers and even finalize their purchases before stepping inside the stores. Secondly, the cellular signal strength availability is low in retail stores, which also plays an important role for Wi-Fi taking the centre stage in retail sector. As being put by many experts in the industry, smartphones and tablets, when connected with Wi-Fi are becoming Pandora box of information, delivering the right content, in the right manner and at a right place. Hence, with Wi-Fi driven connectivity inside retail ecosystems, end users can get critical insights like product information; plan their purchases, ongoing promotional offers, check item specifications, compare prices and read products reviews etc. that can help them to finalize their purchases. With the shopper’s downloaded applications over Wi-Fi, the retailer can better engage the shopper and more favorably influence the decision-making process through advertisements, web interactions etc. Shoppers also look forward to share their in-store experiences with family and friends among the social media platforms with the help of sending, sharing and posting status updates while moving inside some of their favorite stores. With such a Wi-Fi driven customer engaging solution in place, retailers will have a big chance to succeed ahead and better focus on creating effective product and solution marketing campaigns which will further improve upon their business performance metrics as well. All this Wi-Fi driven connectivity is ideally poised to drive productivity and profitability of retailers to the next level and service providers can help retailers to realize the full potential of Wi-Fi by creating innovative partnership with retailers and enable them towards transforming their customers’ in-store experience and generate new monetization opportunities for Service Providers. Wi-Fi offers a great opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and drive sales for the retailer. It enables the consumer to stay connected and provides extraordinary potential to retailers to engage with the customers with its brand offering thus, creating a win-win situation for both. Wi-Fi in store can be beneficial for both retailers and consumers thus helping them with improvised footfalls, better analytics, personalized opportunities, and a richer multi-channel experience.
In-Store Wi-Fi Opportunities for Retailers
A Better Shopping Experience for Consumers

Know and analyze their consumers’ shopping patterns

Enables them to compare prices and deals

Access their last purchase records and plan their brand positioning and offerings accordingly

Search more information about the product like quality, review ratings, etc.

Mobile App for Location based advertisements and personalized offers

Location based advertisements and promotional offers

Guide and offer in-store product location


Mobile payment and e-wallets for payment options thus avoid long checkout queues

Engage with their audience efficiently and enhance Customer Relationship Management

Access to loyalty programs via mobile apps


Consumer Interaction and Business Analytics

Stay connected and enjoy ubiquitous connectivity

Elitecore’s Service Management Platform (SMP) can power service providers to better engage with the retailers’ community and deploy Wi-Fi to provide their shoppers with seamless access & connectivity. With this solution, retailers can create more value for their customers and deliver unique Wi-Fi experience offer personalized services based on  customer’s demographic, market and location, triggering loyalty and contextually aware customer experience. This can also provide critical insights into the behavior patterns of their customers and preferences. Elitecore mobile app can prompt the discounts, promotional offers and retail specific advertisements.

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