Reinventing Smart Cities with Wireless Technology

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As we witness an exponential growth in emergence of Wi-Fi as an easy to use and access technology, it is now largely seen as one of the most critical technologies for operators to realise the full potential of connected Cities. The concept of Smart Cities has taken on a lot of traction and cities around the world are harnessing the power of Wi-Fi to enable real-time information and gain valuable insights for its citizens. Wireless Technology will serve as a foundation for creating a Smart Connected City. High speed internet will be an integral part of all Smart City roll outs and Wi-Fi will be one of the most optimum ways of providing it. Wi-Fi along with large number of Wi-Fi hotspots will enable its citizens to thrive on connectivity and solve their most critical problems like parking, traffic management, electricity, water and waste management; on a shared and intelligent network infrastructure. At the same time, it will enable cities to provide its people with Internet connectivity and access to a broad range of citywide services, thus making it a multiservice solution. Five Major Benefits of ‘Wi-Fi’ for Smart Cities
  • Smart ServicesPublic Wi-Fi solutions for Smart City can enable better citizen engagement with the help of ease of access to city services, real time location identification, location based services, education, training, and job opportunities and hence this could open up new possibilities for the citizens. Wi-Fi can considerably increase the efficiency of citizen services; from driving the data running in online electricity meters to the management of traffic light control or management of real time CCTV footage.
  • Smart Traffic Management -Wi-Fi services can add a whole new dimension, to the way public services in a Smart City will be managed and delivered – from traffic lights, to street lighting, to parking information etc.
  • Smart Safety – Wireless technology can enable an automation and communication system with the public services officials, sending them real-time information about potholes, damages and other security issues in the city enabling them to implement necessary repairs in a timely fashion.
  • Smart Transport – Railways can also utilise Wi-Fi enabled solutions with RFID sensors on the lines and tiny cameras, which can help report back via Wi-Fi when lines are obstructed or damaged, thereby considerably minimizing any room for error.
Wireless Technology holds a great potential to make people’s life simpler, safer and better in a connected Smart City and this can be easily achieved by an evolved Wi-Fi Platform that can  enable the service providers to offer end user with Smart City Amenities. Elitecore can play a major role in enabling the stakeholders realize this potential through Wi-Fi. Click here to know more about the platform.

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