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Introducing the world’s slimmest 432f next-gen micro cable by STL in order to provide efficient 5G services there has to be an increased density of 5G access points increasing urbanization and rapid expansion of municipal areas in cities have led to a rise in the number of access points hence FTTh needs additional fiber to enable 5G front haul networks and efficient FTTh connections. STL has developed the world’s slimmest 432f cable.

Fiber Density 432F Optical Fiber Cable

Significant improvements in fiber density can be achieved in optical fiber cables by using slimmer bend insensitive 200 micron optical fibers in comparison to a standard 250 micron fiber. Next generation fiber is 20% slimmer. Our bend insensitive fiber is designed to be operated in tighter bends without any signal strength losses it is ideal for deployment in access or FTTx networks. It enables better bend radius and minimizes macro bend signal losses.

Advantages of 432F

  • The 432f micro cable by STL allows for easy and quick deployment.
  • The tube diameter has been reduced leading to a 50% increase in fiber density.
  • This in turn enables more efficient blowing performance.
  • This micro cabling solution uses G.657 bow light A1 bend insensitive fiber which enables reduced macro bend signal losses by up to 20 times.
  • The cable is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 degrees celsius up to 70 degrees celsius.
  • The tensile strength has been augmented to 1000 newton.
  • These features enable up to 40 percent reduction in deployment and fixed costs.
  • The world’s slimmest 432F cable is future ready for system evolution.
  • 432F is a step towards next gen ultra high definition future.

We shared everything about the worlds slimmest cable 432F. How the increase in urbanisation has contributed to the increasing need for access points. To enable 5G networks STL has developed the worlds slimmest cable. We have compared 432F with other standard cables available. Ideal for Access or FTTX networks. Temperature, tensile strength, area required are all explained. These are bend insensitive cable can operate in tighter bends. Bends do not cause loss of signal. The diameter has been reduced leading to increase in fibre density. 432f is next gen ultra high definition future ready.

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