#NewYearGoals for Telco Networks

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Bye Bye 2019!

2019 ended with 83 out of 100 individuals having active mobile broadband subscriptions and 57 out of 100 households with internet access. The world witnessed a steep rise in the time spent on video streaming applications (approximately 140%), with a whopping ~53% of active internet users.

Indians weren’t far behind either. We witnessed copious volumes of data usage throughout the year. Google maps became the way of life and baby boomers shared huge amount of video content. We binged and binged like crazy on YouTube, Amazon Prime video, Hotstar and Netflix. Though, we also felt the need for faster and more engaging data networks and digital services.

The future is… well… full of surprises!

The telecommunications sector will continue to be defined by the following factors:

  • Consumer-need variability
  • Cyclical nature of technology disruptions
  • Competitive intensity

Digital transformation is no longer ‘the new kid on the block’. Gone are the days when telcos used to define the boundaries of services availed by users. It is no longer a question of connectivity, it is about Digital Living. 5G holds the key to enabling a digital ecosystem, one that is augmented with services that cut across industries.

Top 10 #NewYearGoals for Telcos

As for 2020, data demand landscape will continue to change and with it, the underlying network infrastructure, both from a physical and virtual perspective, will also change.

Here are some #NewYearGoals that can put telco networks in fast lane in 2020:

  1. Be ahead of the curve, always. While technology disruptions happen at breakneck speed, telco networks need to be super agile
  2. Get deeply fiberized, start NOW. 5G, Industry 4.0, FTTx will catapult on the back of fibre
  3. Chuck silos, take an integrated view of network & IT modernisation
  4. Get the secret SLAUCE (Scale, Latency, Agility, Uptime & Cost). Make telco networks SLAUCE competent
  5. Think and build for 2020 – NO! 2030 – NO! 2050 – An emphatic YES!
  6. Partner well to co-create digital experiences for customers
  7. Think NEW for everything – billing, analytics, CRM and platforms
  8. Go BIG on big data and analytics. With data generated every millisecond, telcos could champion the big data moves in the country
  9. Go enterprise – full throttle! The burgeoning start-up and MSME ecosystem is an opportunity waiting to be tapped
  10. Give automation a chance, not as a means to reduce costs but as one to deploy resources more efficiently

Customer is king, but QoS (Quality of Service) is GOD. Next decade will be driven by the currency of time. Time for QoS over everything approach!

The developed/developing country classifications are based on the UN M49, see:  http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Statistics/Pages/definitions/regions.aspx.html Source: ITU World Telecommunication/ICT indicators database

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