Network capacity enhancement with STL’s next gen BulletTM series Micro Cables

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In the past couple of years, we have become digitally empowered as a country. Our rural areas are getting connected through high speed networks, our language of communication and business is changing, our borders are getting hi-tech…heck, we are even landing on the moon!
The future looks brighter and more connected than ever.

To continue with this digital growth, we need high speed network infrastructure to expand into each and every corner of the city. This means more and more fibre access points to keep us connected and enable the world communicate seamlessly. The demand for fibre cables expected to be laid down across the country is going to skyrocket. But there is a foreseeable challenge.

Here are the problematic areas.  The demand requires more fibre in cables and ducts both. But the existing infrastructure- already installed ducts- are limited by their current size. Also, more fibre in a cable makes the cable diameter go really high which in turn increases the fill factor i.e the ratio of cable diameter to duct diameter. This increased fill factor makes cable installation difficult and costly. So, the need of the hour is to be able to pack more fibre in a very limited cable diameter, so that they can either be “Overblown” in existing ducts or blown and thus installed faster in new ducts.

STL’s innovative fibre cable solutions offers just what you are looking for. Our product and design innovations has led us to come up with two possible solutions. Reduce the size of fibre and pack more fibre in a limited space. This innovation allows you to accommodate higher fibre counts and maximize the capacity of your existing network infrastructure. These fibre come at a reasonable cost, are fast deployable, flexible, reliable and above all totally compatible with technologies that are yet to come, say, N-GPON etc.

Currently, the standard fibre diameter used is about 250um. STL’s Micro Bow-Lite and Micro BOW LITE E single mode optical fibre is a slim optical fibre with 200 um diameter with low water peak attenuation.  In comparison, this next generation fibre is 20% slimmer and reduces macro bend losses by 10-20x. Its low bend sensitivity cuts optical losses due to bends and turns and significantly contributes in bringing down the cost of network provisioning. Furthermore, de-skilling of field termination and splicing reduces the high manpower cost required for such network rollouts.

Fig showing a 200 micron fibre with reduced coating and color ink layer

When it comes to optical fibre cables, STL’s slimmer dia cables- BulletTM Series Micro Cable- are touted as the world’s slimmest. Aided with 200 micron fibre and an innovative product mix used for construction of individual fibre modules, they are a perfect fit for more fibre in limited space.

Here is a comparison of how STL’s 432F next gen micro cable has 6x more fibre in 59% lesser area as compared to a conventional loose tube cable.

Fig showing comparison between STL’s Bullet series micro cable and a normal loose tube cable

With solutions targeted at different end applications such as 5G, FTTx, Network Augmentation, we certainly have some of the best optical cable designs in the market, uniquely suited to different customer needs. We promise a quality superior to others and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Look out for our next blog that will talk about STL’s in house testing track for micro cables. A capability that ensures quality above the standards set by the IEC.

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