MWC 2016 key take-away: Know how CSPs can Innovate, Optimize and Differentiate in a Wi-Fi World

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     With the Mobile World Congress 2016 is abuzz as the event reaches its culmination. We have been able to witness new technological advancement, demos, several product launches, exciting announcements for the road ahead. The entire mobile industry is embarking on the journey of transformation and pioneering the digital disruption. Looking closely at the snapshot of the entire event, innovation with service differentiation and personalization comes out to be focus of every entity in the ecosystem. In this digitization journey, in order to build sustainable competitive advantage with Wi-Fi networks, more and more providers are exhibiting their offerings for Wi-Fi. A few to mention:
  • Keezel’s hotspot solution to secure the Public Wi-Fi network access
  • WBA’s view on role of Wi-Fi in Smart cities and business models
  • Tele Communication Systems showcasing Wi-Fi ubiquity and its role in IoT and location information
  • Orange announcing its device launch with Wi-Fi calling compatibility and focus on Voice over Wi-Fi as a part of their all inclusive digital communication package.
Elitecore showcased its monetizing abilities across all IP networks and capabilities for CSPs towards creating new Wi-Fi models, launching innovative Wi-Fi services for new revenue streams, enhancing customer experience, optimizing networks, and enabling efficient systems and operations. To realize the potential of Wi-Fi the CSPs need to:
  • Innovate to enhance customer experience and be ahead in the league:
A continuous culture of innovation is required–one that focuses solely on improving the customer experience. CSPs can innovate by offering first of its kind offerings in real time and monetize. CSPs can launch varied Wi-Fi business cases including location specific advertisements, mobile app based offerings, promotions deals, real time notifications, location based services, ANDSF, analytics, etc. over and above standard Wi-Fi offerings
  • Seize opportunities to Optimize and transform network:
In today’s competitive environment it has become important for CSPs to be able to deliver cost effective services on the go with the same platform. This calls for requirement of a pre-integrated and modular platform with capability to extend their mobile and Wi-Fi services with an integrated approach across networks. This will help CSPs to easily integrate their existing mobile core infrastructure with Wi-Fi and optimize their current network. With this CSPs can launch varied use cases including Wi-Fi offload, Wi-Fi First, LTE-Wi-Fi interworking, Wi-Fi Calling etc.
  • Offer Differentiated services and generate new monetization potential:
CSPs now need to expand to broader ecosystems beyond traditional value chains. They need to be driven by the bouquet of experiences that are stitched together successfully across the entire spectrum of the digitally connected Wi-Fi customer journey. Customers expect personalized, contextual products, services and experiences that deliver real value. CSPs can offer differentiated services including OTT, Wi-Fi wallet, roaming, Smart cities, IoT which requires Wi-Fi as a basic service as well as partnership based approach where multiple stakeholders play a role. In a successful showcase at MWC2016 Elitecore opens up new horizons for CSPs where-in it can enable service providers drive profitable Wi-Fi business outcomes in today’s digital world with its Wi-Fi SMP and monetization platform and keep pace with an industry undergoing a transformation.

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