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Wi-Fi Offload Solution

At a time when speed is the name of the game, Gigabit Fiber Internet is making the dream of ultra-high-speed internet a reality.

Telcos can take advantage of gigabit internet by offering quad play services to home users. However, there are as many devices as there are people and all of them connected to multiple networks, leading to what we call the “het net” or heterogeneous networks (landline, broadband, D2H and mobile connectivity).

Het Net entails many challenges for telcos such as network congestion and improper utilization of data capacity. What with the number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices growing exponentially, the burden on telecom operators to offer seamless connectivity across multiple devices is also high.

Enter: A Seamless Wi-Fi Offload Solution

A Wi-Fi offload solution can help CSPs to seamlessly offload the increasing amount of data traffic without being burdened.

Sterlite Tech’s Smart & Intelligent Offload provides that one-stop-solution to telcos without the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors for various services. It works on three main enablers:

  • 3GPP compliant ANDSF
  • Mobile App/SDK, and,
  • Client-based Edge Analytics

The in-built ANDSF Server enables users to seamlessly switch to the best, fastest and strongest possible Wi-Fi and other networks in the vicinity to enjoy uninterrupted service- be it streaming video, using voice, data or even augmented reality applications.

Not just network selection, but the Intelligent Offload solution also helps to add network-defined policy management based on 3GPP ANDSF Standards to improve customer experience over Wi-Fi while allowing telcos to identify and manage user experience from a centralized location.

Add intelligence to Het Net

Business growth, among other factors, depends on analysing customer needs and providing tailored solutions to them. Smart & Intelligent Offload’s Edge Analytics has the ability to track Wi-Fi offload, giving real time visibility of how users are offloading to Wi-Fi and how much time they are spending on high-quality Wi-Fi connections. This level of visibility makes it possible to reduce congestion and ensure proper data utilization in heterogeneous networks.

Decongest network traffic at densely populated places

According to Statista, number of public Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide would increase to 542 million by 2021 while 98.1 percent of all home Wi-Fi routers will be equipped with 802.11ac by that time.

If the growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots is any indication, Wi-Fi Offload can bring a host of opportunities for telecom companies. Be it hotels, airports, cafés, public places, office spaces or residential societies, a shared Wi-Fi hotspot will not just bring in high-speed, uninterrupted connectivity, but can also bring down individual cost of internet connectivity.

Gigabit fiber will ensure that sharing public hotspots or home hotspots among a large community of users will soon become popular. By implementing a seamless offload solution, telcos can easily meet the demand for seamless connectivity between various networks.

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