Launching Telco 2.0 with Digital Commerce

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      In such a competitive marketplace, e-commerce is no longer a luxury but has become extended core channel for businesses; it is more so critical for the telecom industry to serve better, survive and grow. Today, customers have a plethora of choices to connect and interact (via Chat, E-mail, IVR, Mobile Apps, Website, Social Media, Store, Contact Centre etc.), and they prefer to use the same channels while interacting with Telecom Operators. Telco’s that optimizes digital experiences will be well positioned to benefit as it helps to generate sales, save money, improve loyalty, reduce human intervention, automate processes and resolve customer problems quickly. Digital platform offers customers the flexibility to access Telco’s products and services – anytime over any device from any nook and corner of the world. On the other hand, it offers Telco’s a competitive edge – regardless of whether the end user is a consumer, business, or partner. The platform address the challenges unique to the industry, which are:
  • SELL: Attract more customers and drive data revenues to increase ARPU
  • Manage: Improve customer satisfaction and retain customer loyalty
  • Support: Seamless integration with back-end systems like billing, inventory, crm, order management etc.
Major telecom operators such as Vodafone, Airtel are already working with app vendors and e-commerce majors to improve the overall user experience for their products and services. However, the segmented approach to digitize Telco products and services will not serve the purpose. Telco’s have slowly, but steadily, realized the enormity of the reach of a tailored Digital Platform. Telco operators are different from regular retailers. With the increase in the number of devices and plans, and numerous payment options, the complication is difficult to manage. Moreover, customer access multiple online and offline channels to research, compare, purchase and renew their services adding to the complexity further. Telcos require a robust, tailor made digital platform that helps them in:
  • Digitize entire Customer Life Cycle
  • Sell allied Telco Products and Services online
  • Flexibility to rapidly build, deploy & interoperate multiple applications
  • Lower support costs
  • Improve Customer ARPU
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Getting a Single View of Inventory
  • Streamlines Business Processes
  • Ensure Cross Channel Fulfillment
  • Unified Bill of services subscribed by the customer
This is where vendors like Elitecore have made the impact with Digital Commerce and Customer Management Platform (DCCM) tailored specifically for CSPs that aim to make each interaction and every engagement DIGITAL, for their customers and partners. The digital suite offers complete automation of selling, marketing, monetization, revenue management, billing and self-care activities; thereby enabling them to monetize their services via every touch point, channel and device. The platform incorporates best of breed B2C as well as complex B2B functionality – so you can engage with channel partners, too. Elitecore DCCM Solution can be bought as a standalone solution or can be seamlessly integrated with your existing BSS and OSS systems. It is one of the very few solutions evolved from a BSS suite, that leverages Telco’s existing infrastructure to offer digital services to its customers.

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