How to deliver a world-class project during a lockdown

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The story so far…

Glory comes to those who persevere but most importantly to those who can pull out all stops, collaborate, strategize and reach a common goal amid a global pandemic. When times are tough, you swim against the tide. No matter what, promises made to customers cannot be twiddled with. No wonder Don Miguel Ruiz put it down as one of the sacred Four Agreements – “Be impeccable with your word.” For this team from NSW, these promises made to the customer kept them going. They worked together to prove why #promisesdelivered is one of our core values.

The customer

One of Japan’s largest e-commerce players who is venturing into telecommunications. The need was for a digital platform that can make it easier for them to sell solutions such as “vRAN as a Service” or “Cloud as a Service” within a complex ecosystem comprising multiple vendors and partners.

The solution

A digital marketplace unifies sellers across different sectors and enables a unique synergy between them to create an innovative offering. The customer will get the advantage of a one-stop-shop platform and the the flexibility to offer cross-product, cross-bundled discounts and other loyalty benefits apart from being able to sell products and services directly.

For example, once the 5G spectrum auction opens up, vRAN could be sold as a complete package – a single platform where you can buy hardware and completely disaggregated software that’s compliant with the hardware. Needless to say, to support such a robust platform, the architecture has to be equally resilient. Built on a robust cloud-native, web-scale enabled platform, Marketplace also includes analytics that will give the customer important insights to make quick business decisions.

The heroes

To meet the unique demands and considering times of crisis, people from multiple teams in STL came together to deliver this project. Working 24 x 7, many nights spilling over into days, the team did not stop until the timelines were met. This solution was delivered in just 2 weeks, amid strict lockdown measures.

Upon delivery, the customer was highly appreciative of the team’s efforts and particularly the very robust solution architecture that’ll enable them to work with multiple vendors and partners and make it easier to sell 5G-based solutions such as vRAN as a Service or Cloud as a Service.

If not for collaboration from teams across STL, the project would have taken many months to complete. A true testament to the spirit of collaboration and workmanship.

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