How STL is “Designing” the future of Mahanet

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Mahanet, a part of the overall BharatNet program is an initiative to bring digital connectivity in the state of Maharashtra. STL is a design and implementation partner for a part of this mega scale project in the Vidarbha region which has directly brought a digital inclusion to over 7.5 million citizens.

STL, taking on the “design challenge” head on, has delivered a comprehensive network design at 2X the industry speed, a massive feat for a project of this scale. Here is how STL has changed the DNA of the project using its #SignatureSTL iCORE approach for network design.

A step by step approach to make the impossible, possible.

A project of this magnitude is only possible with intense planning and futuristic vision. STL’s team did tremendous ground work before executing the project.

  • Pre-cursor to planning: Even before the planning stage, STL undertook a comprehensive desktop design process using GIS mapping to gain critical insights about project complexities.
  • Scenario-based planning: A complex project is not just about an intelligent design but also about cost and consensus. STL, with its meticulous scenario-based planning thoroughly evaluated all permutations and combinations to arrive at a design solution which is true to the ask, capex optimised and mutually agreeable.
  • The iCORE formula: STL’s indigenous iCORE approach, solved many challenges with its:
    • Integrated: Taking the integrated route, we synergised the planning across all three layers – physical, logical and application. This helped in minimising design gaps between layers and increasing agility with minimum cost.
    • Converged planning: For the long-term sustainability of BharatNet project, understanding various trade-offs is essential. STL took a converged view of the requirements and delivered an appropriately converged design.
    • One backbone: BharatNet envisages a digital highway which is capable of democratising advanced data use cases like e-tutoring, AR/VR based skill enhancement, haptic trainings, telemedicine and many more. Hence, BharatNet network should be capable of supporting all kinds of traffic. With focused problem solving and by working around topology constraints, STL conceptualised ‘one backbone’ for a common block to build in scalability and agility.

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