How fibre optic sensing can revolutionise critical infrastructure security

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Providing utmost security to those who protect us

The forces which protect our borders & coastlines from infringements also need to be protected. And so do the critical establishments that run across international borders like air bases, army cantonments, oil pipelines and power stations. This is hardly a simple task.

We are talking about providing protection over thousands of kilometres of stretches that cannot be physically manned 24X7. We are talking about just one single breach that can lead to a national threat or a major disaster.

Today’s sensitive political climate is pushing the envelope for technological innovation in defence for both warfare and infrastructure security.

How Fibre Optic Sensing (FOS) can be a game changer

FOS or Fibre Optic Sensing can change the game for physical security. This high end, IoT intensive technology uses sensory optical fibre to detect intrusion through pressure, motion or tampering and is also integrated with smart devices to trigger action. This technology is globally being accepted in high security areas to enable intrusion-proof establishments.

Some of the key reasons that make FOS the solution of choice for critical infrastructure security are:

  • FOS is not just one technology, but an ecosystem built around providing multi-layered protection with a full suite of security applications including cameras, search lights, smart power fence, vehicle management system, under vehicle surveillance, U/VHF devices, unarmed aerial vehicles
  • FOS provides 360° surveillance and situational awareness coupled with an intelligent ‘threat to response’ mechanism. The result is 100% intrusion proof establishments
  • It is suited for various use cases like fence detection, buried covert detection and even pipeline and drainage detection.
  • FOS is an intelligent mechanism. The system is designed to detect, classify and grade security threats by analysing mechanical pulses
  • These scalable and future ready FOS systems can be tailored to different ecosystems & scenarios

While our armed forces are protecting country’s borders, fibre optic sensing ecosystem is truly the next big thing for providing intelligent surveillance and building an impenetrable barrier, right at the first line of defence.

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