How Cable MSOs Can Benefit from OTT Ecosystems

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New age monetization needs to come from innovative thinking and this is where Cable MSOs can marry OTT ecosystems to create better value additions for their subscribers and at the same time increase their chances to monetize their efforts. We all know that cable MSOs have enjoyed exclusivity in a number of market scenarios for years, however, today all this is fast changing in a pay TV scenario. It is time for cable MSOs to take benefit of the current market dynamics and embrace new age opportunities by partnering with OTT players in order to remain competitive and deliver unique value proposition to their customers. Interestingly, this kind of arrangement can also provide OTTs a unique access to cable operators’ large subscriber base, better handling of their OSS and BSS expertise and unique monetization opportunities can arise for both the parties. MSOs can adopt a distribution strategy of OTT streaming services by optimizing broadband speeds, utilize OTT device platforms, and add OTT apps to their customer’s service thereby positioning themselves as broadband-centric service provider. This strategy can become a bright spot as it can enable cable MSOs to cash on the ongoing content revolution, while at the same time utilize on their current network infrastructure. Converting Challenges to Opportunities There is no doubt that with today’s declining traditional broadband and voice revenues affecting traditional telecom operators as well as cable operators, next generation MSOs must covert challenges into opportunities for securing their future. Experts close to the industry also believe that this is clearly the way forward when it comes to strengthening the relationship with customers and partnership with content creators. This is where MSOs are teaming up with OTT players in terms of realizing these opportunities. Here are a few examples: • In Jan 2013, Time Warner Cable & Roku entered into a partnership to enable more than 300 live television channels to Roku streaming devices in the U.S. • Similarly, Cox Communications High Speed Internet subscribers in Orange County, Calif. will have access to FlareWatch TV and video on demand services. • In Uruguay, cable operator TCC has chosen content delivery network and video on-demand provider BroadPeak for OTT services. • MediaCorp in Singapore has engaged itself in a unique partnership with Israeli OTT platform provider Tvinci. Keeping the above developments in mind, it is clear that MSO-OTT partnerships have already started to happen for the betterment of the industry. Ultimately, a blended experience for consumers to seamlessly access their favorite TV channels and OTT content would result into a win-win situation for OTTs as well as cable MSOs. How Elitecore can help in such scenario Driving an innovative approach to solve MSO issues & challenges with the help of an integrated billing and subscriber management solution, Elitecore offers an end-to-end real-time policy control and charging, centralized product catalog, provisioning, mediation for Cable MSOs. Elitecore solution enables MSO’s to offer bundled plans of Cable TV and data services to pre-paid, post-paid, enterprise and residential customers, and thereby effectively monetizing the next-generation digital experience. The solution presents a convergent platform providing a single bill view to the customers for multiple services subscribed, better enabling, Franchise, Broadcaster & Content/OTT Partner Management engine for revenue sharing and seamless settlement.

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