Guest Wi-Fi Solution: Communication Service Provider’s new growth opportunity

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        ‘Wi-Fi’ has become synonymous to internet. Although there are 3G/4G and broadband networks the most preferred one remains Wi-Fi due to its flexibility, agility and freedom of accessing high quality internet. Unlike GSM networks, Wi-Fi can reach in-premise as well as remote regions with backhaul infrastructure support. Urban users are particularly more intense consumers whether they are in a shopping mall, restaurant or public stadium, they demand instant access to internet. For Enterprise businesses managing a secure and seamless single or multi-location Wi-Fi hotspot network can be challenging.
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have understood the increasing demand for guest Wi-Fi in enterprise segments. They are supplementing their existing networks with Wi-Fi platform to support Guest Wi-Fi and other use cases. However, the ideal Guest Wi-Fi Platform offers much more than just connectivity of internet. Enterprise businesses are looking for Guest Wi-Fi solutions that can communicate with their legacy business systems like CRM, Database, etc., as well as help them generate more business through network insights and analytics. With the help of robust Guest Wi-Fi platforms such as Sterlite Tech’s, CSPs have a new growth opportunity in enterprise segment. A few of the major business opportunities that CSPs can tap immediately by deploying Guest Wi-Fi platform are: Expansion of network services With the help of cloud based Guest Wi-Fi platform, CSPs can choose to create different accounts for existing hotel, universities, restaurants, etc. accounts to offer enhanced Wi-Fi experience to enterprises for their customers. Operators will be able to leverage the existing customer base as well as add more customers to its network. Business Models Generating Faster ROI Innovative business models in the Sterlite Tech’s Guest Wi-Fi platform enable CSPs to offer branding & promotion offers through location based captive portals & mobile app customization. It also has location based services by which Wi-Fi users can be notified about the latest deals and business opportunities. It also has revenue generation option through ads and banners by which venue owners can enable retail outlets or enterprise businesses to leverage the Wi-Fi platform to promote their products & services. In-Depth Network and Business Analytics Enterprises are looking for solutions that can help them in understanding their customers better. Wi-Fi network plays a vital role in analyzing the customers behaviour, trends, choices, interests, etc., because each time when the customer access the Wi-Fi network, lot of valuable data is left unanalyzed. The Guest Wi-Fi platform collates, parses, analyzes and offers the best possible information to businesses to personalize their offerings to targeted customers with focused approach. Leveraging Full Potential of Wi-Fi With the Guest Wi-Fi platform, CSPs gain the capability to leverage the Wi-Fi platform to full potential. It is easier for them to launch advanced services like Wi-Fi calling, BYOD, Hotspot 2.0, etc. with ease. User friendly centralized management of the dashboard can be offered to the enterprise business by which they can view the network performance. CSPs can also launched promotional offers for location based users to offload them from mobile data network. The benefits and advantages of choosing Sterlite Tech Guest Wi-Fi platform is unending. Whether you are an enterprise businesses or CSP, choose the best Wi-Fi platform that has the scalability, flexibility and ability to cater all your business requirements and network sizes.

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