Elitecore Scores 2 new wins on Policy Management

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Ahmedabad, October 5 , 2010 Elitecore Technologies the leading provider of Telecom Software (Billing, Revenue Management & Core Network Session Control Software) announced 2 new contracts in India for its Policy Management Product line NetVertex. Elitecore has enabled the service providers to offer its Broadband Subscribers with New Service plans that include Bandwidth On Demand features, Tiered Price Plans, Fair Access & application (P2P, FTP, HTTP, SMTP) based Quota Management and Charging Policies. Elitecore Services team with its vast experience in NGN, Broadband Services Subscriber Management & BSS has provided a solution which enables seamless integration of NetVertex policy management platform with Service Providers existing Network & IT platforms. “Elitecore’s NetVertex Policy Manager with its Standards based specifications provides an ideal platform to enable Service Provider to generate potential revenue from subscribers willing to pay the premium for enhanced Quality experience” says Vaibhav Mehta, VP- New Business Development, Elitecore Technologies With NetVertex added to its Product suite Elitecore is uniquely positioned to offer AAA (Authentication Software), PCRF ( Policy Controller), BSS & OCS/OFCS Solutions with a single reference architecture to the service provider to roll out services quickly to market and reduce associated integration cost. Elitecore also offers Service Selection Portal – A subscriber self service management model that enables subscriber activate and deactivate services on their own when they want. Along with standard plug-in adaptors that enable integrate with speed into the ecosystem and Inbuilt reports tool make the offering more comprehensive. About NetVertex Policy Manager NetVertex is a Service Aware Intelligent Policy Manager that brings intelligence into the network to make policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, applications, network resources, subscriber profile, SLA & application to ensure end to end QoS & charging in real time. NetVertex enables services providers reduce subscriber churn, the cost associated with non business data traffic and increase ARPU through monitoring subscriber usage pattern, network contention, manage application wise bandwidth and enabling usage based charging, It also provides platform for launch of subscriber initiated on demand services like BoD, music on demand, gaming on demand etc. NetVertex supports a multivendor network element deployment; It flexibly integrates with Service providers Legacy /existing infrastructure and supports all elements of policy control across multiple networks. It processes information from network points that directly interact with subscriber, traffic or application activity, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Service Delivery Platforms (AF/IMS) and Network Access/Enforcement (PCEF) points, to deliver policy and charging control rules and decisions that must be enforced by these network elements. NetVertex Policy manager is compliant to 3GPP Release 8 (PCRF), WiMAX PCC and ETSI TISPAN standards with redundant and failover deployment architecture. NetVertex can be delivered pre-integrated with fully compliant OCS, BSS, AAA or Independent Policy manager www.elitecore.com/telecompractices/netvertex.html

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