Dynamic QoS for the Mobile World

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      In the backdrop of data demand explosion, there is the need felt by operators to differentiate through customer experience. Operators need to find out ways to manage and optimize their networks while managing and improving profits. This is where Policy Charging Rating Function (PCRF)  will claim a pivotal role in decision making of Chief Technology Officer. Dynamic QoS is the set of pre-defined rules to manage network resources. Policy management can help shape the network with operator defined rules for QoS allocation based on customized service data flows, such as based on applications, subscriber profile, network and dynamically apply these policies. With Dynamic QoS the Operator would be able to develop device/application specific plans, thereby enhancing the customer experience & network optimization and better usage limit plans, which would result in enhanced revenue generation for the Operators. The LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) PCC architecture supports dynamically control QoS & charging requirements of the services delivered, helping the Operators monetize their LTE investments with enhanced customer experience. A few of the USE Case Dynamic QoS caters to would be:
  • Congestion Control : Based on the congestion in the network dynamic policies can be applied to reduce offer best effort services or throttled service for all Bit torrent kind of applications, thus ensuring certain applications don’t hog the network leading to congestion and poor service experience.
  • Network Optimization : During peak network the PCRF would prioritize the bandwidth allocation providing a better bandwidth for important application
  • Application based QoS : Certain application which involve video streaming need to be provided with a better bandwidth for enhanced customer experience.
  • Customer experience :  Based on customer plan QoS can also be different, to ensure premium customer receive high QoS at all times.
Another use case could be of reducing unnecessary signalling traffic due to continuous request for QoS for different applications, users and devices. Elitecore recently performed a  POC for a leading CSP where it enabled the CSP address the issue of Signalling with Dynamic QoS logic.  The customer had a major issue of Network Traffic due to the legacy solution’s inability to support dynamic QoS.  In a typical scenario when a customer requested for a service, sufficient QoS for that application could not be delivered leading to increased back and forth requests  for bandwidth negotiations, with Elitecore solutions operator was able to  see a substantial reduction in the network traffic & improved service continuity.

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