Data Centers now come in every shape and size

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Technology is constantly changing and to keep pace with the exorbitant amount of data generation, data centers are undergoing a significant transition.

Clearly, as data centers of yesterday have been rendered unusable today, data centers of tomorrow will have to be significantly different from the ones currently used.

To keep up with the business dynamics, technological explosion and quantum of data generation, data centers of the future are constantly trying to evolve from being static and rigid to becoming fluid and agile so as to meet the demands of tomorrow’s digital enterprise.

“By 2025, over 175 zettabytes of data is expected, thereby paving the way for the data centers to play an indispensable role in the computation, storage, and management of information.”

Source: IDC’s Data Age 2025 Whitepaper

Changing Data Center Landscape

Cloud computation. Artificial intelligence. Service Virtualisation- with their rising popularity, the movement of traffic across the data center is significantly shifting from its traditional module. Data centers have no other choice but to meet the demands of the next-era of IT infrastructure.

Here are some of the key technology evolution that will mark the future of data center ecosystem.

Operating on Cloud

Building own data center, using colocation data center, or entrusting the management to a service partner- the ownership of a data center varies as per organisation’s need. However, they all come with some amount of latency. But the future is cloud and the rise of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offer the provision of a virtual data center in the cloud in just a few mouse clicks.

Centrally controlled network architecture for agility

Agility is the key to any business. But enterprises, carriers, and service providers are surrounded by numerous challenges. Cloud computing explosion, mobile usage proliferation, and continuous business pressures to reduce cost can no longer be supported by traditional business models. Hence, many players are turning to Software-defined networking (SDN) technology to revolutionise their network design and operations. SDN enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled, or programmed, using software applications bringing in agility and cost effectiveness.

Simplification in Deployment

Building the right data center for the right task, needs the right mix of servers, storage and networks. All this is required to support high-demand applications. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) simplifies the process by combining storage, compute, and networking into a single system making the process cost effective to build, easy to operate, and scalable in approach.

Mega data centers

Huge data centers or hyperscale connectivity is what most major companies are aiming for. These facilities are large enough to serve tens of thousands of organizations. While mega data centers are expensive to build, the cost per square foot is far lower than that of an average data center. Major tech companies including Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are actively building mega data centers to support their growing data storage needs.

Data centers are critical to the success of businesses of every size. Technological enhancements are bringing in new ways to deploy a data center to make operations more agile and latency proof. The ones who change with the changing times are the ones who will succeed.

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