Cloud Native Data Centre – A Continuum of next-generation infrastructure

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STL’s last webinar on Designing and Building Futuristic Data Centre, highlights two specific aspects of next gen data centre design concepts;

  • Efficacy of new data centre design and speeding deployment for High Performance Data centre and evolution of data centre infrastructure towards composable infrastructure to streamline its operations & management.
  • Shifting towards converged infrastructure, multi-cloud connectivity for higher storage, computation and enabling network abstraction to drive operational efficiencies and cloud native strategies.

Our next webinar will deep-dive into the intricacies of Cloud Native Data Centre, where cloud infrastructure necessitates enterprises to adopt new business strategies viz. Hybrid, Edge, Multi and Distributed Cloud infrastructure for efficiently running their business applications.

Data centre infrastructure has undergone a rapid digital transformation from the days of mainframes in 1960s, to distributed architecture till early 2000s to now cloud enabled infrastructure. Since then, data centres have evolved into highly sophisticated physical and virtual infrastructures. The role and configuration of the data centres have transformed significantly. Earlier, it used to be a data centre facility with 20-25+ years of commitment with inefficiencies in power/cooling, no flexibility in cabling and no mobility within or in-between data centres. But, with the advancements in technology and designs, it is now more than capable of delivering varied expectations in terms of speed, performance, scalability, modularity and efficiencies.

However, one size does not fit all and there are various possibilities in terms of architectures, configurations, and designs to deliver futuristic data centres for enterprises. This requires a highly automated infrastructure where applications and data will be deployed and provisioned to manage workload and traffic according to the demand. Infrastructure that is flexible enough to keep-up with automated, virtualized, dynamic technologies in the future as well as fairly managing capacity growth, efficiency demands and cost-benefits.

There has been a fallacy around, cloud and data centre can be used interchangeably, but No they’re NOT! The only commonality found in traditional and Cloud data centres is the fact that they both are used to store data and run applications; however, design intricacies are quite different from each other.

Cloud native applications are not designed to run in traditional data centre infrastructure. They require a higher degree of service discovery, programmability, automation, and a robust communication network. Paradigms like Containerization and Microservices play an important role in enabling a robust cloud native infrastructure. With evolving end user expectations, technology landscapes and ecosystem maturity will impact the future modernization of data centre infrastructure.  

We explore these aspects in details and more in our upcoming webinar on Cloud Native Data Centre, highlighting technological evolution, business use cases and pertinent applications. Please do join us to know more by registering here.

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