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Can Mobile AAA Solution Address End-to-End Service Delivery, from Cellular to Wi-Fi?

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        The global Wi-Fi market is estimated to be USD 14.8 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 33.6 Billion by 2020. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the period from 2015 to 2020 is 17.8%. Increase in the usage of internet and growth in mobile data are the major market drivers in the market. – Says Markets and Markets Research. As such, Gartner predicts that by 2018 more than 50% of users will opt for a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities. – Gartner Reports. But along with the statistics, equally important now is to address the fact that Wi-Fi integration is going through a phenomenal change from being just a broadband extension to offer in-premise mobility, to becoming an integral component of the CSPs holistic service delivery chain to support data and voice services, in-continuity, in a unique complementing style to the cellular services. CSPs need to reposition themselves as an end-to-end service provider covering cellular to Wi-Fi. This calls for a seamless and secure Wi-Fi offloading. Seamless transfer positions CSPs well against the OTT apps which call for enough device-app interactions, hindering user experiences. Also, Wi-Fi networks are usually open, exposed to hacks with data loss and theft The reference 3GPP architecture, for Wi-Fi demands a robust AAA server that in addition to the basic authentication, authorization and accounting functionalities, offers enough intelligence to tackle the security and connectivity challenges. Service providers need to closely examine the capabilities of the Wi-Fi AAA system for secure Mobile Data offload scenarios. Sterlite tech-Elitecore offers Mobile AAA server addresses the key challenge of the new cellular to Wi-Fi service, making subscriber transitions across cellular and Wi-Fi networks – “Seamless and Secure”. Elitecore’s Mobile AAA server is deployed in the packetcore network which integrates with Wi-Fi AAA and GGSN to ensure only the subscribers with a live 3G session are offloaded to Wi-Fi network and also store CDR of usage for LI purpose. When a subscriber in a wireless network initiates an access request, the subscriber details are mapped to the AAA repositories, to fetch the real identity via IMEI and physical device identities before allowing any sort of access in Wi-Fi and simultaneously making the data available to the LI systems. With the user identity readily available, every user who tries to latch-on to the Wi-Fi network can be authenticated beforehand and tracked later-on (the CDRs are easy read), addressing the key concerns of LI teams when the subscriber shifts from trusted to untrusted networks is Secure. More importantly, in cases when the AAA in the untrusted networks are not equipped to fetch subscriber identity, the Elitecore Mobile AAA bridges the gap. With high vendor interoperability, Elitecore AAA serves as the identity in core network to fetch the subscriber’s IMEI and share it with the Wi-Fi offload servers.  With high-scalability, it also prevents any structural changes to the existing Wi-Fi access setups. Elitecore Mobile AAA also serves the use cases wherein an MNO wishes to allow subscribers with active data sessions on the mobile network to be “Only” offloaded to Wi-Fi, as a user shifts zones between the trusted and non-trusted networks. Elitecore is working with leading CSP to enable a secure Mobile Data offload by offering its Mobile AAA. The Mobile AAA can be extended to support various other use cases such as 3GPP and Non 3GPP interworking, M2M , and enabling IP Logging. Elitecore is working with leading CSP to enable a secure Mobile Data offload by offering its Mobile AAA. The Mobile AAA can be extended to support various other use cases such as 3GPP and Non 3GPP interworking, M2M , and enabling IP Logging.

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