Bill Shock Prevention! Take the Shock away

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     Let me share a scenario – Mary a postpaid customer received her bill, she noticed she was unexpectedly charged $34,000 for international data and texting while visiting her sister in Haiti after the 2009 earthquake. Mary was clueless and was shocked to see the usage charges. As a result, neither did she pay those bills which resulted in bad debts for the operator, but the customer also stopped using the operator’s services all together. In another scenario a high ARPU customer John received a bill of $18,000, without warning, after his free data downloads expired. In this situation, the operator had to partially waive off the bill amount to retain the customer. In both the above scenarios, the customer experience was soured, which is a key differentiating factor in today’s competitive telecom landscape. Data hungry mobile applications enabled through 3G/4G network has empowered data users to consume and download more content in the same amount of time, which usually results into subscribers breaching their monthly quota resulting into Bill Shock. This situation results in customers getting frustrated and dissatisfied over unexpected higher bills, which further results into negative PR for an operator that taints their brand value. Moreover, higher bills de-motivate the subscribers not to use their mobile data while roaming, resulting in substantial revenue loss for the operator. Operators are in dire need of a bill shock prevention mechanism for prepaid and postpaid customers; which automatically sends real-time alerts and notification about service usage to the customer when they are about to breach their monthly data thresholds ensuring superior customer experience. The system should also be capable of sending alerts on customers roaming status and enable them to access real time dashboards to view their data usage, modify and subscribe to new plans in real-time with self-care portals. When the customer feels that they have total control over their mobile bill they are more likely to increase their data usage instead of avoiding them altogether, helping operators to increase their revenue and reduce customer churn. Elitecore Bill Shock Prevention Solution supports real-time processing and instant service authorization that will enable a better overall service and experience for customers. Moreover, subscribers can set Data Threshold limits which help subscribers to receive alerts and notification on reaching set threshold limits like 50 %, 80 % etc. To know more click here.

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