Bandwidth management strategy-WHY?

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Bandwidth management is the most complex and growing concern for majority of internet service providers. Some evolutionary internet trends and the rise of mobile technology are the triggers leading to the need of managing internet bandwidth efficiently. With increase in use of mobile devices and availability of internet service at public places, it is not possible to build infinite bandwidth and make internet available for ever-increasing usage. Internet Bandwidth is a limited resource and it has to be managed and judiciously used. There is a need to strategically manage bandwidth among all users as per their requirements. It involves three major challenges:
  • Management of constantly growing internet traffic
  • Cannot restrict users from consuming their bandwidth needs
  • Network architecture and technical challenges
Internet Bandwidth management can be done by embedding a solution into the internet access network that can capably control the entire network. The solution should have robust Bandwidth and Quality of service [QoS] management feature that helps internet service providers implement bandwidth control based on usage, services, or as per their customized needs. Also, the solution should support variable bandwidth allocation based on hours/days or data usage to strategically distribute bandwidth as required. Why a streamlined internet billing process is required in Hospitality Industry? Hotels, malls, resorts, etc are becoming the most common place for visitors to instantly access wireless internet. Nowadays, internet availability has become the most important amenity for hotels which helps them to boost up their bookings/footfalls. Hotels should make sure that their guests are receiving accurate bills for using different services during their checkout. This can be done by integrating efficient and automated billing software. Proper evaluation of technical specifications and hotel’s requirements should be done to install end-to-end solution that can scale to millions of hotel customers rapidly and maintain high customer service levels. All billing systems for different services are seamlessly integrated with hotel’s property management system [PMS] to create a final bill for a guest. Hoteliers require a comprehensive solution that can fairly distribute bandwidth and can be configured with existing hotel PMS to integrate internet charges to the common guest invoice. This will help them to offer smooth internet facility to their guests. There is a need of a solution like 24online which is loaded with billing and bandwidth management feature to cater to advanced needs of users and overcome technical challenges in a hospitality scenario. Bandwidth management solution helps to overcome internet congestion and allows distributing and allocating respective bandwidth to internet users. It further helps in optimizing and monetizing the existing bandwidth and generating new revenue platform as well.

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