Are IP Networks merely ‘Dumb tubes’ ?

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    Why despite increasing market base, Telecom operators are under tremendous pressure to better their ROI from core infrastructure investments? Having invested billions of dollars in setting up the Network Infrastructure and other support services operators are still not able to leverage them for better margins. On the other hand OTT players and useers are leveraging on operators network for text, voice and video communication without the need to pay. Not surprisingly, leading to dwindling call & sms revenues for the operator and the tag of ‘Dumb tubes’. The operators need to seize the opportunity and thwart the uncomfortable tagging. As the world is moving towards digitization and hence all IP networks, communication would be Data. The big question for service providers then is how to effectively address the sudden surge in data traffic and innovate and optimize for better monetisation. Monetization will be the key to survival and growth. Moreover, evolution in smart networks such as 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, FTTH, HFC, IMS, high speed internet, proliferation of smart devices and a smarter subscriber base has given rise to increase in demand for next generation value added services, making it imperative for CSPs to offer multiple services over multiple networks seamlessly to improve customer experience, increase ARPU, optimize network performance and add new subscribers, also, arrest the churn. This requires an operator to invest in a robust OSS/BSS platform that could address both customer demands and operators monetization needs. Thankfully, solution providers like Elitecore technologies have already identified the operators challenges and provided adept solutions. Elitecore enables operators with seamless connectivity between networks and offer monetizing opportunities at every step, right from Plan Creation, implementing the Go-to-market strategy (CRM, Partner Portal, Customer self care Apps), Campaign Management, Customer on Boarding and Service Activation, Seamless User Experience, Service differentiation via PCRF and also empowers the operators to launch new out-of-the-box business plans such as Shared Wallet, Sponsored Data, Tiered FUP, Location based advertisement and services, Turbo Boost, Real-time contextual offers, Pay-Per-Use, Wi-Fi offload, Wi-Fi network discovery, Push notifications, Bundled LTE+Wi-Fi, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, OTT based charging, Venue Wi-Fi, Bill-Shock Prevention, OTT Plans,  Time/Device based plans etc with Centralized Product Catalog. Elitecore offers an end-to-end platform which can be deployed in-premise or on-cloud comprising of Convergent Billing, Real-Time Policy & Charging, Product Catalog, CRM, 3GPPAAA, DSC, Captive Portal, Convergent Mediation, Real-time Analytics, Wi-Fi Service Management Platform, Advertisement Server, Mobile App and Web Self Care. The service providers can effectively reclaim their title as innovators and providors of winning ‘expereince’. To know more about Monetizing Platform operatos can meet at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, February 22-25 at Hall 5, Booth No. 80 Aisle – I. To schedule a meeting Click here.

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