ANGA COM: Interview with Richard Eichhorn, Sterlite Tech

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Cutting-edge fibre cabling for 5G and FTTH

Richard Eichhorn, VP – International Sales, Telecom Products Business at Sterlite Technologies With expectations running high for 5G and the impact it will have on all aspects of our lives, all eyes are on the technology as the industry races to deploy it on a wide-scale. But while the hunger for 5G is growing exponentially, questions around how its speed and capacity will be delivered remain. At Sterlite Tech, we believe the answer is fibre – which is why we have developed a bouquet of all new 5G-enabling fronthaul and Fibre-to-the-Home network technologies. High-density fibre The introduction of the Airblown Micro cable, Micro cable – 4mm, Micro Bullet Series Cable and the Riser Cable highlights our continuous commitment to disruptive technology and network designs, as well as innovative research and development. As the company behind India’s first and only Centre of Excellence for Broadband Research, we developed the cables with our global operator customers, responding to the need for efficient deployments and reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx). The two new micro cables and air blown cable utilise existing and new duct systems to accommodate more fibres in a sub-duct network. As a result, operators can implement high-density fibre counts within their existing cabling systems and deliver dedicated optical fibre in a flexible, reliable and upgradeable manner. This technology enables operators to meet global demands for 5G networks and Fibre-to-the-Point (FTTx) at reduced deployment time. The fourth technology – the Riser Cable – meets the industry standards for fire-resistance and is intended for FTTH in a vertical run shaft or inside buildings. A perfect storm Technologies which enable cost-effective and fast fibre deployments in this way are becoming more and more essential as operators try to stay ahead of trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality growth of 5G rollouts and driverless cars. With the density of homes in urban areas increasing, meaning the current fibre architecture must evolve and advance to the point of consumption, this is no easy task. But this is exactly the challenge our new cables aim to address, with some of the world’s leading operators already benefiting from the solutions. The future is bright The cables – which were showcased for the first time at ANGA COM 2018 and are already available on the market – are just part of our strategy as we look to deliver tomorrow’s technologies today. Our unique silicon-to-software capability is another way we are building and managing smarter networks, accelerating the digital transformation of our service provider customers. As we continue to work with today’s top telcos, we are also seeing an increase in industry collaboration and our customers are coming to us more frequently with new requests and needs as they keep up with customer demand. With ongoing partnerships and innovation, we are confident consumers’ appetite for 5G will be satisfied sooner than they think. For more details: Link to Interview:

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