5G is tomorrow. But what lies beyond tomorrow?

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With great network capability come great use cases

The dust hasn’t settled on 4G yet, the wrapper is not off 5G, how in the world did 6G pop up on the horizon then?

Blame it on a hyperactive Sunday morning brain!  But that is not the question. Question is what is the need? 4G already delivers broadband speeds. So why…even a 5G, forget 6G? We need to stretch our imaginations a bit. 5G is a paradigm shift over 4G. And 6G is going to be a quantum leap over 5G! Difficult to imagine? Read on…

The 1G to 4G evolution took about 30 years. But one thing was common to all the generations. They all delivered through betterment of cell phone technologies and end uses or use cases that had mostly individual consumers at the center.

5G is different. 5G shifts the focus away from both, the cell phone and the individual consumer. A lot of 5G value will be realized from IoT and enterprise use cases. 6G will take it several notches higher. So, what are some of those possibilities, the six use cases?

6G and 6 great use cases!

  • Smart materials – 6G will take communication, connectivity, further away from individual consumers and personal devices (like cell phones) with the help of printed electronic products, customizable UIs and sensors, augmented sensing, sensor to AI fusion, scanning health indicators, smart clothing etc.
  • Intelligent personal edge – People will stay connected via personal edge (as opposed to devices) through capabilities enabled by smart materials like augmented projection interface, physical to cyber fusion etc.
  • Smart city services – Imagine hyper-connected operations of living environments through AI observing and management of city logistics, sentient safety and comfort, massively scalable systems, active buildings, Ubiquitous sensing and embedded intelligence in city functions
  • Super functional products –  Imagine possibilities with smart materials, edge capabilities, multi-dimensional design technologies, swarm analytics, hyper secure computing!
  • Bio Cybernetic identity – Humans with cyber identity or cyborgs? With paradigms like identity critical service architectures, context processing, machine learning, cyber identity, biometrics both the options are on the table!
  • Autonomous mobility – Drivers not needed! With objects and infrastructure communication, swarm based operations, collaborative mobility, multi object IoT and hyper edge computing accidents, traffic jams etc. may not exist!

And now the REAL question is … is this really in the realm of possibility, if yes how far is this future, is 6G that shift that takes humanity to the next level?

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